SOTT with javelin harms this game

This abomination of a combination keeps disgusting me with ever increasing levels of repulsiveness. My enjoyment is being sucked out of my soul by this overly powerful grotesque playstyle at an alarming rate. The sheer amount of power unleashed by such easy mechanics and limitless ammo is a dilemma that pushes me further away from this game each and every day. I wonder, when will Fatshark say, “Yep, we’ve milked enough 9 year olds with this :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: insanely OP class and weapon, time to bring it back to the balance standards of the game called Vermintide 2”. I hope that day is coming close, since right now, whenever I see a SOTT oneshotting :heart::heart::heart::heart: that I’m moving towards with their javelin right through my skull and then proceeding to ult that 2 skavenslaves that I was approaching after getting annihilated by that javelin, I want to alt-f4 and uninstall this game.

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