Somewhere at Fatshark HQ

What ? You’re going to call me the burner account of Hedge now ?

Oh, of course not. It more had to do with sensitive stuff that happened in the 20th Century and how being “good at your job” isn’t always the defence that you just made it out to be.

Let’s just say that being “good at your job” isn’t an excuse to believe that you’re on a higher moral standing than others, especially when you treat them badly.

A bad man with redeeming qualities is still ultimately a bad man.

Just waiting for the mic drop reveal that this truly was a real meeting at Fatshark.


Answer might just be because there’s nothing else going on at the moment and it’s “something to do”.

Probably the same reason there’s a disproportionately high number of threads calling for ill-conceived nerfs or somebody declaring a mod they don’t like is bad and therefore obviously a crime against humanity.

You know, as one does.

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Human nature, as it always will be.

I mean, that’s why Chaos actually has any power at all in 40K.

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