Something needs to be done to slow down the gameplay

Right from the start, too many pub games are a dash to the end. Virtually no exploring. The ones running the fastest are grabbing all the ammo, grenades, and healing. If I stop for any reason, the team leaves me behind which sometimes doesn’t work out so well. I love this game but hate this about it.


I think it is more satisfying to have a good pace through the levels, canonically we’re not exploring but trying to complete a suicide mission before we die. I think the OCD scanning the levels for collectibles (that mostly people only care about to tick off weeklies) is boring and some people are extremely slow about it. Factor in that grimoires have a HUGE penalty associated with picking them up and it’s not that great.


It really depends on what difficulty you’re playing. Lower levels, yeah, people run ahead whatever. I mainly play diff 4/5 or 5/5 and there’s not too much of that there. infact, I think gameplay in higher difficulties is TOO slow :sweat_smile:


This is your first time playing a Tide game isn’t it. But to be honest they need to take the crafting mats out of the missions and go back to the way they did things in VT2. Taking the time to look for mats is a team killer when in higher difficulties.


Rewards should be increased with difficulty maybe.

Then again, once you get geared up Malice is a walk in the park compared to the first experiences people have there.

This is a medium term game and most people are short term customers.
Things will get some balance as we move along probably.

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You need to move even faster if you want to explore.

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@TheBlasterMaster You have to out game the gamers, sprint ahead, pull aggro and dump it on the players who want that kind of gameplay.

Sightsee while they’re fighting, you’re in the best position to do so since there is no scoreboard.

I get away with it all the time, Ill kill the main elites and leave the chaff to the smash n grab players. Maybe chuckl a grenade while yelling “im helping”
They wont notice or care that im off looking at all the cool environments.

In all seriousness, when you get higher up, diff 4 and 5, you will have those standstill moments you are looking for. Just don’t look at the environment then! If you want to look at the great level design, go to difficulty 1, there is nothing wrong with that. Plus you will clutch for the new players and they will love you, its a win-win.

Oh yea, and This game is about being aggressive and attacking first, giving the enemy the initiative is heresy! Have you tried joining the Darktide Discord to look for players with your playstyle in mind, im sure there are many!


Somebody I played with during beta had the great idea (no sarcasm) for people to be able to use the auspexes to find grims and tomes. That way people wouldn’t be running around for 10 minutes out of every 5 trying to find rng placements for macguffins.


Yes, I am playing level 2 maybe level 3 later. I agree with the running being more of an issue with the easier levels. Still needs some type of fix.

I see this as a non-issue.

Make exploration worth it. Picking up scrips or grims doesn’t really give much except bonus XP.
Problem with that is that you need to collect them all for it to be worth it, and finding 3 scrips is a pain.

Then we have the fact that game isn’t an exploration game, it’s get to the end in a linear map with some exploration to give better rewards, except it doesn’t give better rewards.

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There’s no reason to explore, unfortunately, and the grind is kind of long. After you’ve played the maps enough times, all you end up wanting to do is just finishing them as fast as possible so you can get to the point where you’re not replacing your gear every couple maps and can actually have those fun, tactical games you’re talking about in harder difficulties.

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And that ruins the game for new players.

I don’t disagree.

Exploration is the only way to get crafting mats. If you care about modifying your gear, it’s the only game in town.


I think looking for those mats while trying to keep pace is fun. Sort of like Payday or something.

Well, you can try playing with friends.
If that is not an option we should get private games on Wednesday (2+ players) and solo play in the future.

Agree completely with you. Majority of players seem to have tunnel vision for pickups, targets, objectives. Whole team will rush to press a button rather than cover angles, watch flanks etc.

Love the game but I can’t wait for solo play. At least the bots won’t keep walking through me despite a whole level of enemies surrounding us.

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This isn’t payday though, and overall it hinders players ability to get crafting mats to upgrade items compared to their past Tide games. The Main fun of these games has been map design and just killing hordes of enemies. A players ability to upgrade quickly has never been a turn off to playing the game, cause the whole point was to be able to challenge ourselves on higher difficulties.