Something needs to be done to slow down the gameplay

I wouldn’t change the pace to slower as blanket fix per say, because then higher levels would be affected. It’s already slow.

What FS should be doing honestly is make scriptures and grims actually worth grabbing, so there’s more of an incentive to look for them (like VT2). And pleaaaaase, put them in designated spots like VT2. And I am not a fan of “exploring” for crafting mats, instead just make it like VT2. VT2 had crafting system that worked just fine, not sure why FS decided to scrap it, if it works why fix it? We should be able to get gear at the end (DT’s version of emperor’s chest, merchant chest, etc) salvage them, and craft new weapons instead of this RNG real time refreshing store. It’s awful.

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I think the problem is that there is little incentive for experienced players to play higher difficulty missions in terms of rewards, so you get people who could be beating difficulty 4 and 5 playing difficulty 2 and 3 because they want to get crafting resources and post-mission loot fast (and they don’t seem to scale with difficulty), or because they are trying to do weeklies or penances. For the players who can beat 4 and 5 reliably it is very easy to steamroll on 2 and 3, which in turn destroys the fun for those whose comfort level is actually 2 and 3, sadly enough.

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It would help if diff4 was not in High Intensity every single mission. The rate of success in random tag is quite ridiculous. So a number of lvl30 are stuck on diff3 because they don’t feel like getting recked by 3 armor Ogryn + 5 scabs and 5 dregs + endless hordes at the same time.

I thought that was a visual bug rather than an actual gameplay effect, to be honest.

Lets not forget that there’s not always a difficulty that has the objectives you need. I needed 25 scriptures and at times, the only missions available with scrips was tier 2. And Im not going to waste my time doing a Blackout map with scrips lol

I disagree with this. One of the major failings of the maps in VT2 is that players progress through them along the same route every game in order to pick up tomes & grims. It completely undermines the open design of some of the missions.

Take The Pit as an example. The central slum area is wonderfully designed, with lots of winding alleyways linking together into a claustrophobic network walled in by ramshackle structures. You could probably progress through that area in at least 5 different ways, and yet without fail groups go up and to the right in order to get the books. I had to intentionally load up a private game to go explore the other possible routes.

Darktide’s missions almost universally present the player with separate routes or open areas at one point or another, and were the books in set locations, they’d have the same problem as VT2. Having them and the crafting materials be scattered around is a way to combat boring metagaming, and I much prefer it.

I completely agree that the books should be worth more in Darktide though. Maybe link them to Emperor’s Gift quality?



While some matches are a bit “fast”, I like it rather fast paced than slow, why do a run in 40 minutes if it can be easily done in 29?
I do not mean speed-running or similar, just sticking to the “mission”.

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They need much more worth to be sure.

I would say it is ok that the spots are random, but sometimes they are really of track. Often it is easier to make two runs as to look all places.
So long we have contracts like “run X contracts with fulfilled secondaries” I would rather have more “fixed” or easier to reach spawns.

And, again, make them more worth. Double coins min and giving a chance on an Emperor’s gift.

Sticking to a mission as a team is not what the issue here is. In level 1 and 2 many players run from the start and don’t slow down until they are forced into it. They grab all the goodies and leave players behind. Especially new players. Not good for the game.

Yeah, this needs to be addressed to be sure. As far as I gather it, it is because the contracts are much easier and faster doable on Level 1 and 2 and because there are no private lobbies, people need to misuse these difficulties.

I know FS knows about it, but I hope they can fix it rather soon.

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I have almost 60 hours in and I just started leveling up my second character.

The experience when I’ve been pubbing has been… shall we say… not good.

I have a lot of VT2 experience and despite being low level hold my own. But most others players are just blitzing to the end and leaving me in the dust if I slow down for a second. This is on difficulty level 2 mind you.

Last night I got berated.

I got trapped on the other side of a hallways because a teammate blew up a fire barrel. 5 seconds later a horde showed up from behind while the rest of my team kept running forward and was far away. They all rushed to an elevator and started yelling at me to hurry up. I was literally fighting a horde by myself. Of course I can’t sprint to catch up because the horde will keep catching me and chip my health down. Meanwhile they are standing in the elevator just waiting and being impatient.

I called them out on it and they retorted with some snarky BS comment. I pointed out they would’ve spent less time waiting in damn elevator in total if they helped me deal with the horde in the first place.

I dunno. I have 715 hours in VT2 and never experienced this much toxic behavior. I dont want to chalk to it up to the 40K setting, but rather the gameplay and reward/progression incentivized just seems to cry out to the tryhards and edge lords, resulting in an overall level of increased toxicity. The game is wasting everyone’s time so people feel frantic and rushed. It sucks.


yet without fail groups go up and to the right in order to get the books. I had to intentionally load up a private game to go explore the other possible routes.

I guess that entirely depends on what matters and what you value as a player. For me, I don’t mind the same route, I don’t play tide games for exploration (though, it can be fun to take alternative routes) I mainly enjoy the combat esp in difficult levels. If books and grims were not to be set in a specific spawn, I would not mind either, but the spawn of these books are all over the place (instead of spawning in a general idea) and so far it’s not fun searching for them in the game’s current state. Spending 5-10 mins to look for a single book is pretty much an L on higher difficulty. And we also had issues where certain spots are actually bugged and we couldn’t pick it up.

I find books a huge waste of time as it doesn’t really reward the player, grim constantly draining your health is a death sentence, and along with how coherency works esp regarding toughness regen, it’s not fun.

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Hard disagree OP, the game is pretty dull atm I think speedrunning the levels at all difficulties will make it significantly more interesting until FatShark actually adds some content.

The Damnation high intensity seems to be the UI bug, as that seems to be fixed now, but Heresy the UI is working as intended, it’s definitely the modifier applying when it shouldn’t.

I play them for the challenge as well, probably 500 of my ~1700 hours in VT2 were spent on Cata. I consider searching for the books an extra challenge. It makes things harder in an objective-centric way. This is, IMO, good. The rewards just need to be boosted so that people actually bother with it more.

Idk, if I were the game designer on Darktide I’d probably trial a few different systems, maybe put them behind a short puzzle or something, like the data interrogator sections. Have the locations be at fixed points in the linear sections of maps so that the issue I described with Vermintide’s levels doesn’t occur.

But regardless, I think the book design in Darktide is better than VT2 as it stands.

Yeah I guess, but there’s only so much exploring a player can really do. DT maps aren’t randomly generated, so we as the player can really explore a map once or twice - at that point I think it becomes tedious. That’s why for me I don’t really mind taking the same route again because once we explore all the alternate routes, there really isn’t much of a difference or surprise. Exploration isn’t really that important for me, since VT and DT isn’t really an exploration genre

I don’t really know if I’d enjoy putting books behind a short puzzle though.

but we can both agree on books needing more of a reward for sure

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Crazy, I’ve only had a few runs with people being complete garbage. Difficult 3 and 5 seem to net teams with the best demeanor, from what I’ve seen so far. I’ve noticed 4 attracts a fair amount of people who think they’re pros that start yelling at everyone else when they run off alone and get downed.

Your progression is gated by how much plasteel you are able to collect. If checking all the loot spawns slows you down means that your group is inefficient at pathing the level.

Oh, ok… now I am a bit disappointed with Heresy difficulty :slightly_frowning_face:

Definitely a topic for not this thread, though. Cheers for clarifying!

I do feel bad as I am definitely an offender, but I think slowing down gameplay is not the correct answer. I think I can speak for those of us who are hardcore tide players when I say that the gameplay is already too slow with the lack of gear sharing between characters. So we have adapted to “speed running” through levels as fast as possible. Personally, I do try to ask if they are cool with speed running, but I also understand newer people wanting to take there time.

SOLUTION: Fatshark just needs to implement private matches (including when solo NOT a solo mode) so we can run through missions as fast as we want without randoms. Personally I think them making a special mode for solo players is stupid and we should just be allowed to start a private mission solo if we want. I don’t think we need a “special” solo mode in order to run through lower difficulties on our own. I used to do it in Vermintide 2 ALL the time and would gladly like to do it here. Also, not being able to start a private match when on your own limits us from jumping in to a game while waiting for our buddies to finish a match. Which then allows them to join when they finish. As of right now if you are out of sink with your buddies you have to just sit around and wait to play or start a mission and quit. Both are not optimal.