My 2 cents on gameplay

To preface. Few things: I don’t expect many changes for launch, I did play Vermintide 2 a lot and some V1, I ain’t the high skill player and I wanted to make this topic after maxing out every character.

I’ll keep it short. The core combat of the game is fine. Quite fun. And then the problems start.

Shops are whack, resource separation is whack, crafting as planned is whack, lacking weapon modability is whack, et cetera.

Everyone has their own pet peeves about what is most important issue in the game and I think it’s fine.
So here’s my main few:

  • Mission screen needs a filter by difficulty. Not having good mission selection feels too repetitive. Though it does give

  • Resource collection for upgrading is detracting from core gameplay of killing stuff while doing the mission. I talked with both of my compatriots. And neither of them enjoy liking running around to look for “loot”. It does not feed back into core combat loop unlike finding ammo, med packs, improving mission rewards. Tying resource collection to core combat would make less annoying

  • Ranged weapon sights are for most part real bad. The game is too frantic for me to have only iron sights as option, hence I started only using braced guns on both main classes.

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Mission selection as it is now just needs to go. It’s not fun. (As a beta thing to focus on testing certain mission, sure.)

The VT2 approach was great. Pick the mission and difficulty you want. Maybe there aren’t enough players to make that work? It does seem pretty dead after prime hours. But at least add filters for difficulty, mod, and grim/scrip.