Some Psyker Staffs feel underwhelming

I have a trauma staff that is excessively powerful. I didn’t like most of the ones I tried, but for some reason this one blows mobs into gibs. I can knock entire hordes down with this thing.

Additional, while the targeting circle takes getting used to, it’s exceptionally good for exact placement once you do.

It does break down at longer ranges, and I’d like to see the ability to add the mouse wheel to it, IE, spin the mouse wheel to throw the circle another 20-meters distant.

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Is this what you’re getting?

BTW, was a little fast and loose with the peril because wanted to make the vid in a hurry.

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You get used to it. I really only have trouble now past about 30 meters, and if it’s really an issue I can go to brainburst.

That said, it’s also really useful to seek an elevated position. Makes the circle way easier to control.

Voidstrike staff - Decent for lane mob killing. Then again, so is one shot from a revolver. The explosions and no ammo requirement does make up for it though.

Purge staff - Great on Malice but on heresy or damnation, it gets tricky. Especially when you need to close the gap on a group of enemies to be effective with this weapon.

Trauma staff - This needs a damage buff to compensate for the insane peril gains you typically get from a full charged cast. Doing the lesser charged versions is decent but simply do enough damage to kill a bunch of mobs like the other staffs can.

Surge staff - I don’t even full charge anymore as quick casting the RMB mode allows for locking in specials. Full charging it is only meant for heavily armored enemies which leaves you wide open most of the time. Plus, it is currently seizure inducing with the rapid flashing lighting effects.

The staff is actually better on higher difficulties because of higher horde density and bigger size. Aoe damage in general becomes stronger, the more enemies you can hit with it.

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Getting used to cannot really be the argument here. People can get used to all types of unhealthy arrangements irl and yet we would never encourage anybody in such situations.
The staff is unecessarily clunky for absolutely no reason whatsoever, being able to “make it work” doesn’t change that.

The conflag staff worked like this in V1 and V2. Now, I preferred the fireball staff, but the conflag was pretty danged effective.

Now, I grant that it DOES take some practice to get right, but that’s true of everything. “getting used to it” just means 'get the practice in."

That said, if you have a better control scheme you think will be an overall improvement, feel free to pitch it, but ‘getting used to it’ is pretty basic for anything new and a little awkward at first… and this setup does allow pin point control. Pinpoint control is worth a fair amount, and it’s fun to watch whole hordes explode.

Put the the center of the effect radius at the center of the crosshair. That way you don’t have to aim at the ceiling all the time. That way you also have better awareness of what is going around you while targeting, as your fov captures more of what happens below your eyeline, which is where Poxwalkers end up, when they are close to you.