Some blessings working globally. Intentional?

I would really like to know if some blessings still being active even if the weapon is not in your hands. Some clarity would be appreciated.
For example +% power scaling with stamina you can find on most axes boosts your power even when you are wielding a ranged weapon at the moment.
If it’s by design then it’s great because I have been theorycrafting some psyker setups with their crit chance on high peril on staffs and so on but maybe it’s a bug and all the planning will go to waste if it’s fixed?
Most of those feel fine if left global but the roulette blessings that gives %crit chance per missing bullet in mag being global seems excessive and makes me think it’s not intended.

The latter was acknowledged as a bug in the bug report section.

Crucian roulette not being global maxes sense but why would i ever use a 5% power increase on max stamina on melee weapon. It being global made it somewhat usable so I’m curious if it’s by design or it will get dumpstered once fixed. Same with 5% power on max peril on force sword when it’s competing with other blessings

the intention is that all bonuses provided by a weapon are only active when you have them in hand
even the small extra percentages like 5% crit chance etc.