Power Blessings affecting DoT stacks

Blessings that give the player a temporary power increase, like Pinning Fire, give this increase also to damage over time effects like Soulblaze and possibly any other source of damage.

This cannot be intentional, since the effect of Crucian Roulette on melee got fixed as well.

Steps to Reproduce: Apply Soulblaze to enemies, trigger power increasing blessing.

Reproduction Rate: Constant

Evidence: Untitled - YouTube

:headstone: Psyker Mains again

You would be surprised i guess.

please elaborate.
how does it make sense for a gun blessing to affect the power level of a psi ability?

I’m not a dev to elaborate their logic. It works as intended for a time being. If it doesn’t make sense to you it’s not mean that it’s not working as intended.

if this was intended use of this blessing, there should be similar +power blessings on staffs.
if this is “working as intended”, i am not sure, what the intention is.
making gun pskers superior to staff users?

These two things are not similar at all.

The crucian roulette effect stayed active while the weapon was stowed.

Power blessings only affect anything while the weapon with the blessing is held in your hand.

actually it is similar - it’s applying the effect to a completely different source of damage.

why should holding a gun in your hand after shooting double the damage of soulblaze?
i imagine, this is just because the power level is “too complex of a mechanic” to seperate it between sources of damage.

bleed or burn stacks on the zealot should also not be affected by his ult or guns, if that is still the case.

if anything, up the base damage of the dot tics to make it viable without those illogical mechanics, or even better - make the psyker ult have a similar effect.

just don’t have it on a gun - this is simply bad.

The case that shows it is an intentional mechanic is the Zealot’s flamer, which comes with two +power buffs that boost the flame tick damage.

May i ask why you are complaining about this in the first place?

Having stronger bleeds thanks to power blessings is great.

As a psyker, you can use a staff to apply more soulblaze stacks, or you can use melee/gun blessings to power boost the existing sb stacks.

Great synergies.
Nothing to complain about.

If anything, this should be celebrated because it adds a little bit of depth to the otherwise shallow builds and synergies.

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  1. those blessings are on the weapon applying the stacks itself, not on a totally unrelated one. bad example.

  2. i was not arguing the point that DoT stacks should not be able to be powered up at all, just not using a gun, that cannot even apply said stacks.

Even in vermintide, any bonuses from your currently wielded weapon, also apply to dot effects.

So it seems like this behavior is probably intended.

i already answered this, but have a lengthy explanation:

  1. the damage obtainable for soulblaze using this method is far too high, because the power increase from the blessings (+100% on pinning fire IV and another +50% on blaze away IV) is intended for the auto pistol.
    therefore the two things have to be separated.

did you even watch the video? that’s about 8 maulers killed in about 5 seconds, without even shooting them - on damnation difficulty, mind you.

  1. depth? not really. just shoot one random(!) target repeatedly to apply max buff.

  2. those +power blessings are not available on any staff, making gun psykers vastly superior to staff users.

  3. it makes no sense having bullets improve the power of your psi-powers, a case could be made for a psi-sword, but i’d prefer it being tied to the psyker ultimate, as mentioned above. this way the massive power-up would also not be as spamable.

Vermintide had nothing even close to this.

the best you an get is +30% (25+5) after a crit - and that only against enemies with the same armour type as the one you hit.

with the autopistol method you can get +150% in half a second, every time.

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Yes. The numbers are different, but the way that things apply is identical.

I guess we may see one day if this is intended or not

i agree, although i somehow doubt that it was an active decision for Vermintide, it just didn’t really matter.

i think the “power” stat is coded as a “global” buff for the player, which isn’t really the best idea, when having so many different sources of damage that could use different values for +power.
that wasn’t really the case in Vermintide and might just have been overlooked.

i would not be surprised at all if it was sold as “working as intended” until a patch months later though.

Fat shark devs be like


Tbh for the auto pistol it might be better anyway if the blessings increased ranged damage instead of power.

Since the additional cleave from the power bonuses makes it quite effective against hordes.

I just like the synergy with veteran bleed grenades.

Then again, it is possible that dot effects are counted as ranged damage and would still be boosted.

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DoT interact with weapons in unintuitive ways. both +power and +damage will apply to the DoT, the DoT will proc whatever does-stuff-on-hit if you’re holding that as a melee blessing. grenades will trigger all this stuff in the same way too.

As much as Vicid would like to have you believe the shredder is much better than any of the staves, it actually isn’t. Here is some normal purga behavior doing more or less the same thing with a single channel against a mixture of damnation elites. Vicid can do his trick once every 30 seconds, whereas the staff has it on tap.

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