Solo game ruin now

I disabled mods too - since i saw the warning.
And first my solo Legend after the update I played as a solo Cata!
Bots do not respond to the Social Wheel orders. No chat messages at all.
Moreover, I feel that the AI of bots has become even worse!
After patch 3.3, the bots went crazy and grab all the ammo - running after them everywhere, through fire and gas.
But now it has become even worse, bots generally react poorly to enemies and constantly die.
This was not the case yesterday!


The mod “Bot Improvements - Combat” got un-sanctioned today. It was causing crashes with the new update, so I assume that was why it lost its sanctioned status.

Hopefully the mod will be updated and re-sanctioned soon. The bots play much worse without it.

Yeah bots became stupider.
Pickup wheel is very janky (like you need to dance over some books to get pickup menu).
And bots don’t do auto pick up’s and need to be walked over the items.

Also I had bots “suicide jump” into the river on Halescorge. Most surprising is that they did it at place with low fence.

Also bots still stuck at the 2nd grim in the Bell (they can’t do the jump and walking towards the drop).
AAAAAllllso bots still stuck on the ladder leading to 1st grim on Troll blowing map.

My bot Waystalker just aggrod a Chaos patrol that was walking by us because she decided to ult the flamerat that was in that direction…

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Bots only respond to the PICKUP and DROP item features in the Chat Wheel. They have never been programmed to react to the other Chat Wheel commands.

Yes, they now refuse to pick up and drop items now.

This mod actually has not been updated since August of 2019 and I quit using it because the only thing that still functioned was allowing bots to tag elites. None of the other features were working last I used it.

I feel like bots are 200% more stupid than they were. I can’t even do a legend map, they’re half-life 2 minutes in and dead at the first horde…

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Well, I’m at an advantage now cause I’ve never used that mod :smiley:
I think you should treat it as a challenge, like a “trusolo” mode…

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You make me sad. I KNOW, can you imagine? :sweat_drops:
I talk about orders to pick up items - supply and tomes / grimoires. This function is broken after update, it’s so silly. Need hotfix and now!

ABOUT mod Bot Improvements - Combat.
Funnily enough, I haven’t used this mod lately either.
But for a different reason - I found that the functions “melee choise” and “stay closer” - works. I experimented a lot with this mod, and came to the conclusion that I’m better off without it.
Even without the excellent “ping elite” function.
The problem is that even the disabled two other functions AFFECT the behavior of the bots while the mod is installed, but this harm is more than beneficial - for example, bots fight less with the “stay closer” and are only busy, as it were, to stand on either side of me.

In combination with the ammo problem, it looks like this: bots are constantly either running after ammo, or trying to take positions next to me. The rest is not interesting to them!

Yes! After the update:

  • bots block very rarely.
  • like to get ranged weapons in the close combat. Reload, get hit and die.
  • SUDDENLY stop revive, even with + 30% revive speed! (IB didn’t like to revive at all, but stay on top of the lying, not letting other bots revive, it remained) - for unknown reasons, being distracted by something.
  • bots do not see the Life Leech at all, and if he caught, they don’t even try to help.
  • Ignore gas clous at all!

It was still better before the update. An even greater degradation of the AI has occurred.

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In my experience today, bots were ignoring directions to pick up items, but I’m not sure how it’s broken because it’s not broken in a way that I can consistently reproduce so far. Like, I as a client couldn’t tell bots to pick up tomes, but another player who was also a client could.

They are also dying like flies and instantly grabbing and using healing despite having 75% health and me having a wound. The game is basically unplayable with bots right now.

Edit - The social wheel button being broken was the problem with pickups at least. Remapping functionality of social-wheel-only to social wheel / tag fixes that at least. Doesn’t help with bots being unfortunately broken in a dozen other additonal ways though.

Bots ignore the chat wheel only keybind right now, the tag/chat wheel combo keybind apparently works


I haven’t had problems telling bots to grab items, whether they be books, pots, bombs or healing stuff ; and they did give the items to me on usage like they usually do. I’m pretty sure they used to pick up items i just pinged if they were next to them and they had nothing in the slot though, which they aren’t doing now.

They are however healing at 75%, not helping cliffed allies, ignoring disablers (at least I can confirm they all ignored a leech), and die so much they’d make a necromancer wet their pants.

I use separate buttons for Tag and Chat Wheel and they pick up tomes, bombs and pots just fine.

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Are you always hosting? Clients who join my games could ping stuff but I couldn’t

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I try my best to host when I play. I don’t think I’ve played more than 5 games as client in the past year.