So we're getting a 4 v 4 game mode

Seems like fatshark teased a PvP game mode
4 will play Skaven and rootblood and 4 will play The ubersreik 5… or 4 it doesn’t matter!

I wonder if we can customize the Skaven or rootblood as well!

Source: Im neuen PvP-Modus von Warhammer: Vermintide 2 spielt ihr als Ratten

Edit: Trailer


Picks zealot in pvp


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The funny part is that I don’t think Zealot will be; the whole point of the enemies is that they go for nearest targets and aren’t particularly coordinated. Yeah, once every 5 games you’ll get 5 disablers jump into your team simultaneously, but that’s still quite rare. The current enemies are somewhat predictable… players, on the other hand, are not…

Zealot would mean nothing if he’s permanently disabled… and, if we all recall, versus runs in Left 4 Dead didn’t end because of a horde; they ended because 2-3 people got chain disablers latched onto them while the damage rolled in.

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They’re probably just focused on getting it up and running atm. They already said it would be difficult in this game, and they’re doing an expansion DLC at the same time.

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You make a good point; if Winds of Magic drops, will Versus be required to integrate all of the new units (Beastigor, Pestigor, Shaman)? There’s a lot for FatShark to wrestle with.

I am excited to see how they handle it.


Awesome! This should really spice things up. :smiley:

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Would be neat if someday we could also control some of the elites like chaos warriors or stormvermin on one team and the heros and regular soldiers on the other.
It would probably take like 10 years to implement but a man can dream.

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