So this game was supposed to be a 'live-service' game?

When the Game got announced, it was said that it will be live service game… So what is that about? I thought the idea is that there is a drip of new content or goodies every now and then, but it seems like nothing has been prepared and the only content that is getting dropped are things that should have been on the game on release. (Or new premium skins, which i am refusing to buy @FS, until you get your stuff together and make a fair system)

What can we expect and when can we expect this? Did i miss something? I know the base-game isn’t finished and the progression system is cursed. But i think a fair, model, modest in it’s time consumption could be benificial. Gathering Aquilas or premium skins could calm down the premium shop controversial (besides: it was stated on discord, that aquilas could be obtainable in game). Or a ‘build your gold weapon’-token could calm the timed shop controversial. Just don’t task the person, who designed the sire-melk-shop and weeklies.

I know the game just got released two months ago, but i feel like a huge oppurtunity has been missed to make the launch of this game more appealing or keep the playerbase more invested after launch.

Live service means that you keep paying regularly.

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I mean that depends… DRG or Battlefield V didn’t charge any money besides cosmetics. Yeah FS could make you pay for that and that will upset a lot of people. Since they charge for the game and have a prominent cosmetic store i expect them to not charge money for whatever they will do.

But given the launch, guess anything could happen. I am just irritated, that this game lacks any features of a live-service and the dev mentioned nothing (at least i am not aware). And as stated above i think a live service can be benificial to a game, if done in a fair matter. i enjoyed the drg approach so far.

Don’t get me wrong, they already lost me as an active player and if they start charging for stuff like that, i won’t reconsider my decision. Just felt like they could have made the launch more rewarding, especially given that they had a lot of skins held back.

cant keep playing regularly, when the game hasnt opened for almost 2 months lol @ParaszTarcal

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You misread mate

Though if you can’t open, you can’t do neiter :slight_smile: sorry mate

It generally means that the game is unfinished by design and the developers aim on shipping regular content updates to keep players playing several times a week for as long as possible.