So little happening here

Please FS give us…SOMETHING!

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I wonder if this is what it feels like if you have to work with ministorum buerocracy

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Q&A with Jon Gillard, EVP, Global Licensing, Games Workshop, Owner of ‘Warhammer’

For example, the highly anticipated game “Warhammer” 40,000 Darktide’ – releasing this year off the back of the hugely successful ‘Vermintide’ games – will have a host of associated licensed products and programs around it from launch.

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I have kind of expected soething like that from what FS told.
It is also a good opportunity to present some Astra Militarum and Inquisition stuff.
Was recently on the gw website and they have some big holes in some of the rosters (No Skitarii footsoldiers) And of course it would be good for introducing some chaos forces too

been a long time since ive seen a beevis and butthead reference