So desperately needed fixes are postponed until season 2?

Ah, probably saw just the recent reviews. Checking the graph there are some definite spikes in positive reviews that have accrued over the game’s life time. It’s only in August with Update 2.0 / WoM that the game takes repeated hits with more Not Recommended as opposed to Recommended reviews.


I recall distinctly it was 78% overall for all time reviews. Recent I don’t know, in July (using the Wayback Machine) it was 95% recent/77% overall.

Now it’s 49% recent/74% overall, WoM is 28% and player numbers are back to pre-WoM levels acc to SteamCharts.


Depends if you have it set to all reviews. As Fatshark pointed out, if you turn off reviews for Chinese, it use to get boosted a lot. As they kinda banned a lot of Chinese hackers. I remember some of the steam threads where people were pissed off about being banned for hacking, as it’s a co-op game and not pvp, in their mind, you should be able to cheat as much as you want. There was a slight review bomb before WoM due to hackers. But yea, the overwhelming negative reports are from normal players, even if some of them only have 0.5 hours on record, lol.

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Okay yeah, I forgot about that. If I include only my languages (English, German) VT2 goes from 74% -> 79% overall, but recent reviews are still only 50% and WoM is only 29% positive. So a percentage point higher for the latter two but that’s it. Not much of a difference.

I can’t agree with the latter point as I think it gives off the wrong impression about the current situation. My experience of post-WoM reviews has been the opposite, it’s been mostly longer term players that are posting negative reviews and people with a handful of hours that have been posting the positive ones. I can’t say with confidence there’s a correlation either way as I haven’t tallied or anything however, but the impression I got is this.

Edit: I decided to look it up since we actually can, instead of us having to trade impressions. Keep in mind this is for English/German reviews.

Overall you’re right, across the entire history of VT2 - before WoM - most of the negative reviews are indeed people with very little playtime (the more under 20 hours the worse the ratio of positive:negative is). As you approach 20 hours and more the reviews are more or less back at the overall ratio of 79% positive. Makes sense, most people who don’t like VT2 (or any game in general) initially won’t give it a longer go.

However, then comes WoM. It’s quite clear with WoM it’s the longer term players that are much more unhappy with the game than the newcomers. Here’s the data to back it up (viewing from Aug 7 onward).

Playtime, 2-20 hours:

Using a lower minimum gives overall reviews more in the 60-70% range, which would correlate with what you said about the people with a mere 0.5 hours on record, however if you skip over this next graph (playtime no minimum) and instead go to playtime over 10 hours or worse yet, over 100 hours, the overall trend in terms of long term players being by far the most dissatisfied group on average becomes extremely clear.

Playtime, no minimum:

Playtime, over 1 hour:

Playtime, over 10 hours:

Playtime, over 100 hours:

If anyone has any additional or better data I’d be happy to hear it.


I wasn’t trying to insinuate that only new players are giving it negative reviews. I’ve just seen a lot of reviews with people having basically zero time in game complaining about it while they were most likely playing at recruit - vet. And judging off my interactions on discord, the long term players are pretty negative to WoM. To the point I see one person asking for a group and 4-5 others instantly flaming them, “imagine playing V2 in 2019”, “come play runscape instead”, lol.

I’ve pretty much adjusted to WoM and I’m having zero issues clearing runs, but when I do die, it’s always because of some cheesy nonsense. I’m still hoping we roll back to pre WoM combat which felt far more fluid, even though that seems highly unlikely to happen. There are little things FS can do to make it a little better, like getting rid of the dodge back nerf. That annoys me so much… dodging back with 20% dodge bonus and the passive weapon bonus only to have this CW cover 5 meters in a forward falling/running motion and still connect his attack. Bleh

And thanks for the data, that is indeed interesting. I just noticed that my review is still up from early 2018, says something like “mayflies, lumber foot, mayfly”.


Oh I see your CW covering five meters forwards and raise you a moonwalking sideways CW that overheads me.


@SmokerT69 @Argonaut14


You can find reviews both negative and positive reviews that only have a few words or just one sentence while having around 2 hours or less on the game.

I’ve heard that Runescape has come under fire for all the egregious microtransactions in that game to the point of someone addicted spending around 50k pounds on the game. I hope all the game that have implied gambling get rattled at some point because they are getting pretty ridiculous.

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Takes a special kind of person to be condescending while being wrong at the same time.

This type of elitism which is increasingly rampant is why people are driven away from this forum and the game. With that attitude, I’m sure you’d be welcomed as a “community hero”.

That and Fatsharks inability to fix their game which is still broken.


Hmm, I wonder if someone just made an alt account.


Enemies spawning in and despawing has been a issue since launch. But it’s happening way more now with WoM. It’s not uncommon to turn around and see an entire horde appear spread out, they stand still for 2 seconds or so and then all charge at you. The scary ones are the CWs and maulers that disappear and then reappear a few seconds later doing an overhead.


Someone in this thread is multiboxing, and they know who they are. It’s against the forum guidelines and will ultimately see both accounts (and future accounts) permanently removed from the forums. You’ve 24 hours to slide in to my DMs to let me know which account you wish to keep. Failure to comply will see both removed per the guidelines.

(The above is edited to remove blame from the previously implied OP which isn’t necessarily the case)


Yea I find it rather breaks the game’s immersion when you have a cascade of enemies spawning in a waterfall on some area or having an entire horde in formation pop into existence.

Ambushes/Hordes need to spawn away from the player and make their way to you. Ambushes simply should have multiple spawns around an area but still far away enough so you don’t get any cases of “turn around and oh there they are all of a sudden”. That is just sloppy game design imo.


Boards are joke anyway, got back after about 3 weeks long break and it’s now again cheaters + invite-fake positions everywhere. It’s completely pointless. I still find it mindblowing that they couldn’t even add the filter for fake-invite positions. Such a low hanging fruit…

There is zero reason to postpone fixes to balance & bugs because of boards.

It is not just 63 and 114, it’s many weaves that feature huge difficulty spikes…

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Im worried that fatshark is biting off more than they can chew with season 2. Just look at the mess that is 2.0.x … serious problems at launch , fixes , things broke again in later patches , fixes , new and old bugs doing the fusion dance … and now with 2.0.11 things are pretty much as bad as 2.0 launch.

Nothing works … Sounds ? Nope. AI direcor and weird ass spawns ? Nope. Hit registration and projectiles applying consistently ? Nope. Attack animations and rubberband slides ? Nope. Backend Error ? Nope. All Talents working as intended ? Nope. … and the list goes on and on.

Are they sure they want to implement new systems and rework others with their current track record of delivering actually working systems ? What im experiencing especially since 2.0 is a beta test and not a complete product. And im worried that opening up new construction sites in Vermintide 2 will completely overwhelm the team since they have not been able to fix some bugs that have been in the game for over a year now …

How long will i have to wait after the launch of season 2 to be sure im playing a game that at least works for the most part ? When season 3 hits ? And how long do i have to wait to play a working version of season 3 ?


Beastmen were nerfed and better balanced:

If this ever happens, I’d be excited to play again. But I sure hope it’s soon. I quit playing a while ago now and my visits to the forums are getting increasingly infrequent. If they wait too long, nobody will even be paying enough attention to know that there are changes to try out when they finally fix things.

Here’s to hoping they improve the spawns / audio as well.

Had a game recently today where I watched 1 beastmen in a corner suddenly turn into 6 during an ambush. Hilarious.

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