Sniper shot sound

Okay, this is a minor gripe, but - why the heck does the sniper’s shot sound like a Rifle? It’s a long-las, why does it have a “bang”? I agree that it needs to be loud and immediately identifiable, but all other enemy las weapons do sound different than their counterparts used by dregs, why can’t we get a las-sounding longlas?
And, even worse - if the Longlas ever gets added into the game, should we expect it to sound the same to us?

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I feel you, makes no sense… but…
I kinda like it, sounds meaty, especially that sound before he takes the shot, kinda has a psychological effect.

Anyhow, long las should get added into the game considering it was in the early trailers.


I do agree that it sounds meaty and powerful! Plus, the part of the Sound before he actually takes the shot is fine, that can stay. As for the bang itself - It’s a good SFX, just not fitting for the weapon. The way I see it, there’d be two solutions. One would be to change the weapon the snipers are using to something like a hunting rifle (vfx/model change) or a different, equally powerful-sounding SFX that fits a lasweapon.

As for the longlas being missing in our kit - yeah… I mentioned it in a different thread, but I fear they might plan to release it as part of a “ratling sniper” class for money later on. Sadly, that does fit their MO so far.

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I like the vwoomp on top of the laser sight, because you can dodge based on that sound alone, even if the laser is being glitchy or difficult to see during a firefight. As with most specials in the game: They’re pretty easy to dodge when you can focus on them alone. When they get dangerous is when you’re trying to juggle several specials and a horde at the same time.

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Good god I hope not, tired of ratlings being mentioned everywhere. Like guardsmen don’t use snipers.

Wait it is? I never thought about it.

Yeah, I’d be curious how they would design/compose a high powered las-sniper. The Audio I mean. Could be cooler than the generic gunpowder blast that it is right now.

Yep^^ It’s really weird, until a friend and me had an argument on what gun the sniper used I was of the adamant opinion that it was a regular rifle based on the gunpowder bang. When looking at the model to confirm I was like… damn Fatshark, please.

A long barrel so the photons can accelerate more? Very important for sniper lasers!

I think modding will eventually find its way into the game… Don’t care about Hedge’s nonsense “tHIS aINt CoD”.

Can we fix the invisible laser on first shot, before we start looking into sounds, that’d be nice… Nothing worse than getting shot without being able to react.

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We can fix both?
Can we not dismiss criticism by “but what about this problem” please? Completely aside from the point that the sound team is a completely different team than the VFX team likely responsible for fixing the laser? Thanks.

Oh no, compensating developers for their investment in developing a new class? Say it isn’t so.


The Sniper las rifle is far more powerful than your typical las gun, so you hear a loud crack instead of a pew pew. The laser is super heating the air around the beam and vaporizing the molecules in the air, the crack is the cavitation of the surrounding air collapsing in the void.


that is it…lightning and thunder.

So is does every lasgun. By that logic, every lasgun should have a “crack” (which they do in the gaunts ghosts books, I think), but a crack is still far cries from a powder bang like we have now. Lemme show you.

Thunderclap: Thunder Clap Sound Effect - YouTube
What we have a a sniper sound: Darktide (closed beta) Specialists sound cues - YouTube
Sniper sound (a powder bang, I searched for one similar to what we have): Sniper Rifle Sound Effect - YouTube

Bear in mind the last one is obviosly missing the sound cue in front of the shot, which is clearly there for dodging (like the sounds before getting hit in melee and ranged, respectively).
Look, I understand that las weapons are controversial (some people argue for, some against recoil, for instance), but we should at least all agree that they don’t sound like normal guns. They’re not silent, sure, but a powder bang? Please.

I sometimes have the feeling that the sniper’s first shot, especially if he just runs around cover, is too fast and the audio/visual cues are mismatched or missing entirely. Would need more testing though.