I hope the Laser and Plasma Weapons' sound is similar with Vermintide's

Laser Weapons: Beam Staff, I think it has a most close to realisitc sound that would laser weapons would make in that ever I’ve heard. Especially its hitting sound does. I really, hope it is not yet another “pew pew” or something.

Plasma Weapons: Drakefire Pistols, I think it has a most realistic sound that would plasma weapons would make in that ever I’ve heard.

You can get a pretty good feel of what a lasgun sounds like if you watch a game of Imperial Guard from Dawn of War 1.


Still yet another pew pew to me. I want MORE. But, please do not what Fallout 4 did

Well I mean, realistically speaking, lasguns would cause thunder each time they fire because the laser would eat the air it passes through, causing a vacuum that in turn causes the thunder.

Personally, I’d prefer the canon 40K “pew pew”.



lasguns make a crack noise with each shot though…

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In likely all of Warhammer 40k things, the sound of las weapons was generic pew pew laser/blaster sound.

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