I would kill for a scope

Maybe that doesn’t fit in a Warhammer world?


It does exist.

Imperial Guard have the long-las :

Space Marines have the Stalker Bolt Rifle:

One Long-las was datamined in the Closed Beta, but it didn’t make it into the game (as a few other datamined weapons). So hopefully the long-las arrives soon.

I don’t have much hope for the Stalker though, it would be too OP :slight_smile:


Having attachments for the guns would be nice, like scopes, laser sights etc.


That’s premium dlc. MK +X of every weapons with a bash or flashlight gets a scope instead. That’s 18 new weapons!

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There is no scope for the charge laser rifle so it is useless as a sniper rifle. :confused:
It has the shittiest iron sights ever.


I’d like to know if the game was programmed to allow easy weapon attachment implimentation? Anyone know?

I thought the implication was there would be weapon attachments that could be swapped out, but I don’t remember where I got that idea. A lot can change in the development process though, so who knows if it’s still on the table.

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Most of the weapons have attachment points, but that doesn’t always mean something. Every AK in far cry 4 had a scope mount, which isn’t standard for AKs, and none of them worked.

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Seems like the development hell they have been denying for quite some time is showing it’s ears. The variants seem to be kitbashed from different different parts that were created with a gunsmith system in mind. Notice how they didn’t even have time to model more scopes/sights besides the ones for infantry lasguns. That’s why we have gun variants I believe.

Other guns have no scopes because there was no time to model them and they didn’t want to break the aesthetic of each gun. If the helbore lasgun variants and the headhunter autogun variants had the same scopes that the kantrael infantry lasgun did Fatshark would be called out for being cheap. So they scrapped it and now just the laspistol and the infantry lasguns have optics. I’d love to be wrong on this one but this scenario isn’t at all as immeasurably complex as it could look at first glance.

I do have a faint shade of hope that in season/year 2 or whatever will they call it they will revisit this idea of gun attachments again. I’ll cook up a post about that and some potential ogryn weapons because my big guy is caught lackin on release date.

I was really hoping we’d have attachments for weapons. I’m not a fan of any of the gun sights we have now. I don’t need a 8x scope, but a 2x, and a 3.4x would be very helpful.

Agree. This game needs more time at the call of duty kissing booth.

Not saying get married, but a few smooches from the gunsmith would be nice.