Smite Penance was pretty fun!

Penances have been great overall, honestly. All of them encouraging me to try new builds and giving me something to play towards has been much appreciated.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Smite + Shout (Soulblaze) + Empowered. Really nice to eat through mixed hordes. Apply Smite, shout at 90 for max fire stacks and to vent, then hold Smite til 100 for the 10% damage bonus. Got the penance done in approx 4 missions, did a healthy amount of damage, and plan to play it more.

2 pieces of feedback!

  1. I do think you should be able to explode when Smiting. That feels like a normal psyker thing to have on any magics.
  2. Please give us a clothing option that the reward pants go with! They don’t match to anything, far as I can tell.

This makes me sad.


Can’t say I had the same experience, unfortunately. It’s true that I had to clear relatively few missions to get it done, but I felt godawful doing it - I wasn’t contributing much else to the team via my better options such as Trauma Staff. It also felt stupid easy, like I was barely playing the game at all.

Getting the job done with Purgatus, an arguably equivalent staff, felt much quicker and cleaner, and the utility of being able to left-click to push enemies away in time that I wouldn’t have trying to charge smite, felt a lot more engaging.

Overall, I still really don’t like Smite as a blitz. It just makes the game less interactive overall.

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Unless you’re using your shout to set things on fire you should shout at 50% smite, not 90%. This lets your shout start to cool down several seconds sooner.

It was unclear and I edited the post; I was indeed using Soulblaze vent which is why I wanted that 90% threshold.

I agree that it’s very powerful and basically just a better purgatus force staff, but I disagree it’s fun. It’s boring as hell to play, and even more boring to play WITH. You really said it yourself:

One literally presses two buttons for that end result: hold down smite and shriek as appropriate. Then the rest of the game plays itself. Rarely you dodge a backstab. If you’re a teammate of someone who is doing this then you’re just fighting stunned mobs all game long, while all the fodder and smaller elites just explode since EP smite kills them outright. It’s pretty lame

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