So about the change with Surge staff and Smite kills making the explosion particle effect not garuanteed and limbs just pop off now. I have only one question: Who asked?

Seriously who asked for this?

I did. The constant gib explosions were visually annoying, so I put up a suggestion where the explosions only happen sometimes, but it otherwise kept the sizzle animation like it had before.

Fatshark did its thing and made gib explosions occur on crit kill (good), toned down the gib explosion visual and sound effect (removing the purple was good, downplaying the sound not good), randomly chop limbs (not good), randomly apply limb damage modifiers on hit (very bad) and most importantly the sizzle animation is just as rare as explosions (just as bad).


Do you also get upset at every other Psyker staff too?

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Void is ok.
Purgatus does block your view unless you’re inside it, so that’s not too bad.
Trauma is ok too.

Surge gets special attention because of that time Fatshark thought that applying a bunch of different effects at the same time including but not limited to strobing lights, screen blur, screen shake, mirror images, double images and a really high contrast lightning effect caused eye fatigue, headaches, migraines and probably some seizures somewhere too.

IMO the purple effect is a bit too obnoxious, but Fatshark toned the explosion (especially the audio) down too much and made actual gameplay affecting changes to the surge staff too. None of that was asked for but at least the damage should be fixed next patch/hotfix.

screen blur,
That hasnt been a thing since a year

screen shake
Turn down camera bob

mirror images, double images and a really high contrast lightning effect caused eye fatigue,
See a doctor. Been using surge for a year and never had this issue

They did fix it after a week of the new effects, after a ton of threads everywhere about it.

If you build a surge for crits the explosions happen most of the time anyway, but the explosion IMO didn’t need that massive purple effect around it, they could have gone for something tasteful like the parts being lined with soulfire like when someone gets brain bursted, but they didn’t and I think the explosion effect has been toned too much.

The suggestion was sound because the visual impairment was excessive, the execution was the worst possible.

Not only it introduced the bug that makes the staff do a lot less damage, it now makes it very hard to tell when an enemy has died, and sometimes enemies at 0 HP keep being smited because their bodies won’t go away.

Also, I don’t know if it’s related to the “not being smited to the body” issue, but sometimes enemy ignore the smite and keep attacking through it.

All they had to do was remove the blood from the body explosion and make it an option to reintroduce it.

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