Slight rebalancing of the Malleus Monstrum Penance for Psyker

Speaking as someone with around 100 hours of gameplay on the pre-order beta and has been playing Psyker the vast majority of that time.

The Psyker having to do 100% of the damage to the Monstrosity with brain burst is too unreasonable even for a hardcore challenge. It would be more fair if the Psyker were expected to do at least 75% or at least 80% of the damage for the monstrosity with brain burst instead of literally all of it.

With it being 100% there is far too much room for sabotage both accidental or otherwise. Many times I’ve come in reasonable distance of completing this challenge but every time something goes wrong outside of my control.

Whether its a player crashing or disconnecting and a bot appears in their place and chooses to attack the monster. Or a player decides to be a malicious troll and do a cheeky bit of damage sometime during the fight.

Its far too much.

I know the spirit of the challenge is this scenario

“Everyone on your team has died and its up to you (The Psyker!) to take down the monstrosity alone and save the day!”

Except in reality even if people get mostly wiped its usually DURING the monstrosity fight not right before it, which means they likely would have done at least some damage to the monster (even if its just 1 tick) before dying.

Not to mention cases I stated before where a player can simply crash or leave and a fully alive bot appears and “helps” fight the boss.

This penance relies are far too many outside factors complete. It becomes pure RNG rather than a genuine test of skill. This isn’t a penance you can complete naturally it can only be done by “gaming” the system in someway. Either begging randoms to not attack the enemy or having your friends purposefully not do anything to the monster.

Please take my suggestion to heart.