Sliding and doging not working plus too many ranged enemies

So imagine a situation: 45 ranged enemies with machine guns are spraying you, thats ok but you run out of ammo. Alright so you want to go for melee kill. BUT YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING. Only way is to slide toward the enemies. If the enemy is one slide away then its okay BUT WHEN THE ENEMY IS FURTHER THAN THAT THEN YOU CANT DO ANYHING. First slide is chill and the second one youre gonna get so much knockback that you gonna fly away. So you cant slide because you are not running because youre getting tons of knockback. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???

Another problem is that enemies sometimes dont get knockback. So a dude without armor is running straight at me, i shot him a few times and that mf doesnt even flinch? TF why do i get so much knockback when enemies dont. (probably a bug tho idk)

Another thing is… why dodge stamina decay or how is it called exists??? Why tf cant i dodge more than 3 times to the side with my axe??? BUT WITH MY KNIFE ITS FASTER TO DODGE THAN TO RUN??? Why all of the mfs have aimbot?? An armored dude is running at me so i try to dodge his attack by dodging twice. That mf just keeps running with a salvaged axe above his head + 80kg armor and outruns me… Why are all enemies faster than me, just why? Dodging to the side is pointles cause they will always hit you.

AND IF ANYONE SAYS: “bUt ItS lOrE AcCuRatE” shut up… just stfu


But its fanfic friendly.


dodging with a mele weapon should break the attack following you. With a ranged one it can indeed do weird move if you are still in range (yeah I don’t like that either).

The issue is that enemies track you in this game because they made it so enemies can attack from couple feet away. Thats not inherently bad game design, but it is when its not balanced correctly.

Because you can run out of ammo, the game must always allow for melee.
Else that’s a design flaw.
The first intro to a level is always a huge firefight (because level design reveals) and no pickups.

Melee combat got downgraded from VT2 because of a few different things from what I can tell. One, enemies have significantly more long and delayed attack animations. These were fairly rare in VT2, and generally only happened if you were dodging backwards away from enemies, causing them to do their running attacks. Two, stamina doesn’t recharge while you’re dodging so you can’t even regularly mix in pushes while dodging to compensate for these varied attack timings as you’ll quickly run out of stamina if there are still enemies to fight. The melee simply feels worse than VT2.

I would have agreed a few days ago, but after having spent roughly 50 hours into the beta, I’d say it’s mostly a very different feel and rythm to VT2. While VT2’s melee was way more fast paced Darktide’s feels far slower. The lack of talents like Swift Slaying, stronger dodge and blocking mechanics makes it also much more meaty. I’m not yet sure if I want to call it a downgrade or not. It’s definitely different.
Where it’s definitely harder to deal with hyperstacked hordes in Darktide with melee alone.
As you said the different windup times and the fact that chip damage through toughness exists changes a lot of things. I feel like a regular horde, elite pack or “simple” horde is fine to handle with melee alone, but one you reach hyperstacks mixed with elites and various armour types you have to have some type of stagger like flamer or psyker staff to be able to melee effectively.

This is part of the game, conserve ammo, get better, there’s not always “45 ranged enemies” so get used to it. This is a pointless thread…

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Stronger dodge or block what?
We don’t have access to stamina regen, and the stamin-economy is terrible in melee :l
Both actions you describe use that stamina extensively.
Not having any stamina left is akin to a death sentence

This is part of the game, conserve ammo, get better, there’s not always “45 ranged enemies” so get used to it. This is a pointless thread…

But I’ve seen that situation many times. Many start of levels are often tougher than they have any right to be because open space + lots of ambiant.

So? Have a balanced party, any ranged class can take them out with ease?? Seems like all this silly hate is coming from people who don’t know how to conserve their ammo or play tactically at all

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The melee combat in DT feels significantly worse than it did in VT2 due to changes to the melee combat. Ranged enemies are a separate (and important) issue here, melee itself has taken a step backwards from its VT2 quality.

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You mistake hate with feedback.
A lot of players feel the system are unbalanced and lead to unecessary frustration that will turn off players quickly.

“Bring a balanced party” is not the problem.
“Moment to moment gameplay” is what matter.

I’m 200% for roles and teamwork. What I’m not ok with is having sections where you simply cannot take a step out because there are too many enemies outside by default.
Ammo conservation has NEVER been an issue in any of the parties I’ve been in so far.
If you push your philosophy an extra step, the moment 85 ranged have spawned and you only had ammo for 80, it’s game over. Hyperbole, but true.

If ranged has to be a viable option, so does melee.

“You don’t know how to play tactically at all” is condescending when you know nothing of my gaming experience… So lets please remain friends here :slight_smile:

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I would agree that you usually have other options than to try to go headfirst: there’s a lot of cover in the map designs and you can usually sprint/dodge from one to another. There are also lots of instances where the design isn’t linear/corridor, so you can circle around the problem completely. Plus, you can also wait/use your abilities.

I feel like there would need to be a video capture of a moment where it was completely unredeemable and impossible to get out of, to analyse if it was truly the case…?

Getting stunlocked by range in the middle of a horde with no cover is probably the worst feeling in the world. That really is time I think in darktide its truly unredeemable. There’s literally nothing you can do as you can’t dodge the lasers because of input lag from dodge now and small distance it now travels. At least before you could mitigate or try to dodge out of the horde and into cover. All you can do is pray your teammates will get you out of the situation or just die.

Good example was when I was using power sword with gun not reloaded since I just used it a little earlier and was trying to cleave the incoming horde back to the wall, but I was never able to swing since I kept getting my blue bar back and then it would get shot down stunlocking me in repetition. Somehow managed to clear the horde and survive, but then I get gunned down by two incoming elite’s machine gun as they stunlocked me into the wall. Couldnt even attempt to dodge because power sword dodge is non existence post nerf (not an exaggeration it really is nonexistence moves like 2 cm).

The reality is that nerfing dodge is fine, but it needs to not be so extreme. For most weapons dodging doesn’t even feel like its an option, Powersword is a great example of this. That weapon doesnt have a dodge, you can’t convince me that isn’t a visual bug when I press the “dodge” button. I’d be fine with no dodge if blocking was okay, but blocking just feels bad in this game also due to how melee works in this game. If they are going to nerf dodging then just nerf the “fast” mobility weapons a little and give back the old dodge of most melee weapons. I still don’t understand the nerf as knife wasn’t even overpowered. Weapon does so little damage you’re honestly going to spawn a second horde by time you finish first one’s eliteslol.