Slew 6 daemon hosts

I was with my friends: an ogryn, a fellow preacher with warhammer, and the witch. The four of us were dispatched on Atoma on a murder mission in the dark of the night.

When we landed, the ogryn said he had a contract on “big monsters”. That sounded fun.

We heard the first daemon host right around the corner. We exchanged a look. The preacher charged her hammer, I revved my chainsword, the ogryn ran.

After a good whack on the head, he then stomped his shield down. Then hell broke lose.

Sliced open, blood shed. Bones broken, skull cracked. The demon screamed as he vanished in the warp.

Again up the stairs, another one met a similar fate; the witch making sure we were not… distracted.

And then again, and again, and again. 6 daemon hosts we fought in a single mission. The ogryn was pleased.

Finally we rushed the captain, exploded his crackling shield and bled him to death.

Mission accomplished. Praise the master of mankind!


Truly, the Emperor Protects.


Based Daemonhost Banisher.

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