Sister of Thorns Ability-Crit Bug

This one is a little weird. The talent that grants 3 free critical hits upon using the ability of the class seems to also count the ability usage of bots, if you are the host at the very least. This was confirmed in two separate instances of gameplay, as my ability stacked 9 crits (both bots proc’d theres, and I had a buddy in the game).

I thought it was intentional, you get the crits for every ultimate (even those of allies).


Its intentional, at least the wording for the talent suggests it so.

Gain 3 guaranteed critical strikes each time a career skill is used.


The fact this was acknowledged instead of being tagged not-a-bug is odd.

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Of course its meant to work with bots are you insane? Please show me in the description where it says “human players” or “bot players” Dont make idiotic false bug reports.

You could stay cordial…

I could but when it comes to someone wasting a devs time with fake bug reports that really annoys me.

Acknowledged was just an error on my part. D’oh. Updated!

The talent will trigger when a career skill is used, player or bot.


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