Sire Melk needs a full rework

Sup. So yeah, sire Melk and all of his gig needs a full turnaround. Currency you get for his quests is literally useless (as all of his shop). You get the same quality weapons in less time and effort at mommy Hadron’s place, first. Second, random buys from him are just not worth it, even if we pretend to use this shop with a serious face. Third, some of the contracts are insane, how are we supposed to do like 3-6-9 secondary quest at a certain map, if we can’t even pick one on our own? Not even talking about grims being a pain in the butt or not finding one of the scriptures, cause team just rushes the map. Fourth, bro, you serious? Four, FOUR sources to get basic equipment (Emperor’s gift, shop, Hadron, Sire Melk)? I’m saying basic, cause I refuse to believe, that there will be no red tier weapons, come on, it was the True Late game in Vermintide, to get all your equipment red. Well, not counting the drip grinding.
Anyway, Melk sould sell something else entirely. Either more drip, but a, well, “tier less” then Haloette, or something like modifiers like we had in Chaos Wastes, but in form of the consumable, that you activate before a run. But it will be much better, if it would be something permanent. Melk fo real would be a perfect Lohner 2.0, he even has his own currency already.