Sire Melk's needs an update

So I know that in the recent patch they were able to update sire so he gives better items, but that still does not address my personal issue with him.

Weekly quests dont feel good or fun when thats all there is, this combined with his stock rotating daily, and needing well over a week or 2 to be able to buy anything of note, makes him kinda suck.

I was able to get up to around 2.7k in requisition points, and i bought a sword, but now all i get to do is watch his stock rotate every day and there is nothing i can do or buy. Personally if i were to change this i would say, make it so we see the next 2 or 3 days all at once, and then have his inventory hold there for those 3 days rather then it rotating daily so we can at least see whats on the market and plan ahead.

On top of that, we need more then just weekly asignments, dailies would be much more preferable. Right now he has all, the interaction of the shop, log in every hour check to see if anything is worth getting, log out disapointed.