Sing-in timeout, not working

Everytime i start up the game -> after launcher when i get the fullscreen it gives me “sing-in timeout”

started it around 10 times now
What have i tried to fix it?

  • restart steam
  • relog steam
  • turned internet router on and off
  • repaired game on steam and exited steam after
  • restarted pc

Nothing works-…
funily i played today already(after the hotfix of 3,6mb), made like 2hour break and then i got it…

Anything I can do?

There was some network disruption yesterday, likely due to current events increasing the demand on ISPs and Steam. This should have resolved on it’s own - see if it’s still occurring today.

Had the problem yesterday and again today right now.

Please contact your ISP, it may be due to network disruption or port blocking. Please see #7 here:

I am also having the same problem. Trying to fix it now

Any VPN will do as a workaround. Tethering would be one aswell, but the ping will shift a lot.

Since the Pandemic wont go away from one day to the next and the Tcom being infamous for its customer services that goes beyond simply posting troubleshooting faqs, that will be the solution for the near future.

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Yep, can confirm, using a VPN is a thing to counter the Telekom timeouts. Works well, although the connection is going to be a little bit wonky. Good thing is though, if you prefer to play at night, around ~11 p.m. to ~10 a.m. every day (german time ofc), the problems seem to be non-existent so you don’t need the VPN anymore. I could precisely set an alarm clock for this…

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