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Enemies like trappers, dogs, and poxbursters will be completely silent and then only make a sound just as they disable you. There are none of the warning sounds they make as they approach, no voice lines or foot steps or anything. This happens to everyone I play with and we only play auric.

If I had to guess, it’s a sound channels issue due to having a lot of different enemies and sound sources coinciding. A LOT more enemies show up in auric and so this is where we’re seeing the bugs. It’s also extremely frustrating and game breaking when without any kind of warning we’re suddenly disabled, it’s causing group wipes.

Also, this didn’t happen to me before. I think it might have been Patch 13 this started with, or one soon after.

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It happens reliably but randomly in auric missions. Sometimes it happens several times in one mission. Based on my (Discord) voice chats with friends I’m playing with, sometimes it hits you but not someone else, sometimes both. Below I’m rating it as “common” in that it often happens on each map. However given the overall amount of specials, the majority of them do make sounds, it’s just that the ones that don’t will have the huge impact and so this will happen a few times with a few specials each game overall.

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Common (<50%)

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PC - Steam

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This is by far the worst part of the game right now. I find it hard to enjoy it with such an unfair challenge. There is no enjoyment when a burster round a corner in front of you and explodes.

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