Sienna is the worst special killer in the game

So your argument is not that she’s bad, it is that she’s not reliable in clutch situations.

If you have followed what ive said so far you have realized at this point that the main issue with bolt is the time you have to invest being on your ranged weapon between killing the special and being effective in melee again.

If you have to vent - you gain exactly nothing. Venting means losing the time investment that you save by being at higher overcharge on bw to begin with. And you really cant go back to being effective at melee/movement with red bar.

So either way it still takes a way longer effective time investment to kill specials than it would if you had an actual good ranged weapon for quickly disposing of specials like all other classes do (and then some - hence the op).

What I think you want is an accurate high damage, chargeless hitscan left click option on a staff for Sienna.
This should explicit why what you seek is unreasonable.


If you’re going to be snarky about it, I could point out that most of what you’ve said so far is just ignoring what others have said and dismissing any difficulty they play on if it’s different to your own, while making passive aggressive comments along the way. But I’m a good person, so I won’t do that.

It’s not an issue with bolt, it’s a very very mild downside on a weapon that excels at sniping basically everything in the game. You’re not going to get a staff that requires zero charge time, never requires you to vent and is also pinpoint accurate.

Venting takes basically zero time on BW if you’re just trying to get straight back into combat, it’s legitimately like a second overall. You don’t need to vent the whole bar.

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Flamethrower rocks on UC, so long as you don’t count on dealing with distant specials.

Between the new staffs shotgun mode for close range, bolt staff for any special situation, and beam staff, I would say that Sienna has plenty of options to deal with specials pretty decently depending on the situation. They all require a bit of time, but that is what you bring teammates for as well, those moments when time is not on your side.

I have plenty of games where I have the most special kills with Sienna by far. I think that is partly due to having good sound and or a headset, and putting it loud enough. I often hear specials way before they are actually anywhere near the group. Often enough I notice others aren’t even looking for them yet at that point which leads me to believe that is often the biggest problem groups will have when dealing with specials (most people being completely oblivious of them 90% of the time).

Just no to that.
All weapons have ups and downs.
Sure staves are not firearms, however they got endless ammo, they are more powerful per shot than most other ranged options.
Bolt staff charged owns everything from elites to specials to bosses with some tricky targeting, I concur.
Beam staff is the bane of assassins and other dodgy fellas. It also sports competitive dmg and a steep learning curve.

All weapons have ups and down, sure. That’s why Sienna should get a weapon that excels at sniping and sucks at everything else, just like every other character in the game. This is exactly what OP wants and what I wish to see as well.

In my opinion the thing that balances a weapon like that is ammo and fire rate. You don’t have ammo with sienna so you work with fire rate.

There’s no “reload” on staffs so you have to front load the delay.

Bada bing bada boom: bolt staff.

Unless you want to make some uber punch weapon that hits hard but ticks out 70 percent of your overcharge, thus forcing a “reload”. But I don’t know if that would really feel right with her kit.

I just don’t buy that she needs anything like that. Especially with her quick charge talents and large arsenal of ammoless long ranged weapons.


Well, but there is.
On grey heat level u can just cool it off. On orange heat level u get some dmg if u want to cool it off. Besides as a wizard - you almost never have any issues with not being able to shoot all the times.

If you could fire the handgun five times without reloading, if reloading bullets caused damage, and overcharge didn’t vent passively it would be a good analogy, but no, venting and reloading are not similar enough for the translation to be straightforward.

And again, she’s a wonderfully useful hero with her current options.

Actually, Grail Knight is the worst special killer in the game. Yet it’s fine people play him and he’s useful.

You can build a special killer Pyro no problem if that’s what you want. And yea I might agree that Sienna as a character is the worst special killer overall. I’m not so sure about that though. But that’s not even an issue. One of them has to be the worst. They can’t all be performing exactly equal in every role, since they’re very diverse templates.
It’s really not that much of an issue since Sienna usually pretty much destroys everything in her way.

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Grail Knight is a single, very specialized career. Sienna is a character with three different careers, all of which are at best moderately bad at killing specials. The analogy is out of place

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