Sienna Dagger - Heavy attack

I have noticed a strange behaviour which might or might not be bug.

  • Step away from armored dummy (stormvermin / clan rats) and start using first charged attack, if you miss, tap forward and repeat. When you get to maximum range for dagger, it will do 0 damage and do not apply dot. As shown in video, it also happens on targets that are next to you.
    (When I tried that with flaming sword it applied dot, thats why I think it is not intended)

  • Everytime when done properly, this might also be connected to Flaming flail heavy attack bug. Both have to do with same icon in the mod and both do 0 damage to target.

  • .mkv video showing the issue (Warnig! a bit louder than I would expect and also sorry for recording with mic, which includes keyboard tapping :slight_smile: )

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