Sienna Battle Mage teleport

Hey there!
Today almost 7 of 10 games Sienna is Pyromancer, 2 of 10 is Unchained and 1 is Battle Mage (which is me, lol).
I LOVE Battle Mage, flamestorm and comflagration staffs on her are awesome. In 1.0.5 you finilly reduced CD of teleporter, so now I can use it more offen (i can even use it more than once during the horde fight, which is nice).
The only thing I hate is how teleporter works. It must be the most strange moving carier skill. Since almost all carier can jump over the gaps (e.g. at Rightious Stand before the cannon and second grim, and on Festering Ground - you can jump over the gap before destroing first bubbles with Handmaiden and Slayer, while Sienna can’t).
I believe in beta teleporter worked “right” (well, maybe too much - at War Camp there was some tricky teleport to get to Grim room - that was fixed, but imo there are notjhing criminal). But sometimes, in situations, where other carirres can run away from trubbles, Sienna just explodes on her place.
So I please you to return (or at last improve) old telepoter version. So maybe Battle Mage can return some love of the players :wink: :smiley:

With love, AShi


Hey, I play battle mage too! :smiley:

I really hope they fix the teleport too. It seems right now I can only teleport to ground attached/on the level of ground I am standing on - I can’t teleport from a ledge down to the ground or over to another ledge (randomly, sometimes it works).

Also trying to teleport across something dangerous like troll bile or fire hurts some, so it seems like the “teleport” just moves us very fast.


The issue with it was that it was extremely easy to go out of bounds with it so they nerfed it. Hopefully there will be some changes soon to make it more interesting.

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In my opinion BW needs something completely different than a Blink ability. Maybe a buff to herself and her allies? Debuff to enemies? A “don’t generate overcharge for 10 seconds”? Or maybe just 50% oc?
Whatever it is, anything else but Blink, it’s boring, we have it on 5 chars already and it doesn’t compliment her playstyle. At all.


Giving the end of blink some knockback would be pretty sweet too. I’d like to be able to blink right into the middle of a horde and send them all flying, charge up a full blast on my conflag, and detonate that right at my feet as the rats are converging on me.

I disagree. As Sienna usualy a range class, teleporter usefull for positioning, getting away from a swarm/cw/patrol/boss and burn them to ashes.


Yeah, it is actually a really good ability for her. Other than just getting away from stuff, it has offensive capabilities too! It’s good for teleporting into a troublesome enemy and stumbling them. I do miss being able to teleport above and below, as well as teleporting over gaps - the teleporting through walls was a bit much though. I do think the firewalk needs some tweaking in it’s current state, but the original idea was pretty on point.

I’m one of those weird people who also likes Battle Wizard. She has some good talents, a fun active ability, and tranquility matches my playstyle perfectly - short, intense bursts of magic to take on a horde, then whipping out my melee when things are getting too hot.

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Agree! Teleporting has saved my bacon on many occasions when I got a little over-zealous and cornered by a bunch of ratties.

I would like to see her ultimate reworked into a Firestorm (like the one the Chaos mages do).

If not, they REALLY need to rework her teleport. It’s way too inconsistent as of now.

I’d prefer to keep the teleport. I think the collisions are too sensitive to keep players from abusing it. Therefor making us teleport in place a lot.


I’ve come to idea, that it might be hard to fix teleport work, to make it more usable and not player blink out of maps bounds.
So maybe just change the mechanic similar to Handmaidens leap, but maybe a bit faster. It would be more easy to use, and easier to control. Still with fire trail

My opinion is keep teleport what it is now. i don’t play mage and if i play it’s not a battle mage but seriously that is good speed runner mechanic what they like to use and it’s always fun to watch what they come up with it

Guys, come on, start a new topic if you want to discuss it. April '18 should stay in the past. @alsozara

Goddamn, that’s an impressive necro. nagash would be proud