BW teleported into the elevator in horn of magnus

Issue Summary:
During last section of Horn of Magnus I ulted in to the middle of the room.
I ended up underneath the floor in the elevator, where I had to wait for the event to complete.

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This is common for Sienna teleport. In this way you may reach normally not accessible areas in game. Situation has not been fixed since the game’s release.

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Hey. Thanks for reply. What would you think if they copy pasted the charge mechanic of other classes or bardins slayer-jump to her ult? She has something unique here but it is quite unreliable considering where you land(not considering the glitch i reported here)

Ps: they have fixed a lot. I rember i would end up out of bounds quite a lot in earlier builds. But still… yeah

Psps: if the it were more reliable it would be one of the best ults if not the best in terms of utility. It is incredible allready(when it works)

You know… for me all dash/teleport skills could be replaced by something else. If not for everyone, then for BW can be replaced by eg. some kind of fire vortex, fire breathe, shield of aqshy or crown of fire etc. Not every hero career must have something like a teleport.

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