Shroudfield help up Service

The clip was also meant to showcase what would happen if I was an infiltrate build with the 90% threat reduction node.

I’d be letting those 20 something specials go into a narrow hallway, and my gun only has so many bullets and unfortunately no raking fire (craftshark strikes again).

Instead I onboarded the risk onto myself, and worst case scenario is I go down and a large chunk of the special stay on me spamming flame giving the rest of the team time to prepare to either clean up as the special pack will be split up while I basically spam pings to let them know sh*ts about to go down.

I might have better examples of me griefing my psyker friend, but those are more of a purposeful abuse of stealth which I don’t really count too heavily.

Good thing that you dont have to play raking fire build wit that threat node.
I personally find it unreliable, i also hate when enemies run away from me so i never use that node.

I totally agree that dumping threat in that coridor might cause some issues, but i think you could do the same with Infiltrate, withot threat reduction node. But you wouldn’t get out of it as clean as with VoC.
As i said, if you going to compare everything to VoC, its gonna look like Shi*t.

Here is how i think Infiltrate should be used. And those “Stealthy boi” builds played, at least in that particular event.

I honestly fail to se how i could cause any issues to my team here.
But i have to admit, i got a little bit sloppy, when i was trying to res people.

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Well I did make opportunity cost a core of my argument in all fairness.

The gameplay was good, but there were no “particular holy crap I’m about to die moments” where you were forced to stay in stealth longer than a couple of seconds, and regain your bearings.

Granted this is because you did a great semi-forward hold (you can do a full forward hold on the right side past the med station btw its very easy and safe), and stopped things from getting out of control in the first place but its nothing you couldn’t have done with even Exe stance considering the amount of toughness you’d be generating with the number of elites you murdered.

If you use it as more than just a minor repositioning tool ie how Fatshark unfortunately intended it then we go back to the main core which is that it’s going to onboard your risk onto others.

I haven’t been clear enough that my main goal at the end of the day is not for people to stop playing stealth, but for stealth to get a minor rework.

I think its a bit dumb that enemies just suddenly have amnesia in the middle of attacking said stealther and just go off immediately to drop bombs, shots, axes, repurposed construction materials on the rest of the crew.

And my core argument is, usualy, validity of things.
So i am not trying to convince you that x thing is better than y thing,
but i tend to oppose someone trying to portray x thing lesser than it is.

But that’s the thing, i never have to regain my bearings. Infiltrate regaining all your toughness, and gives TDR and damage boost, with modifiers.
So, why would i want to just sit in stealth, watching my enemies sprinting away,
when i am more than ready to fight?

it’s not just that, it also a pretty decent damage boost,
since you can naturaly stack “Surprise Attacks”, “For the Emperor” and “Close Quarter Killzone”.
As well as other stuff been mentioned already.

I think some kind of stagger mechanic, on entering stealth, would be welcome

Other than surprise attack that’s kind of all of the abilities that get that kind of damage steroid on pop.

Then what’s the point of Infiltrate? The surprise attacks node? Speed boost?

Or just having enemies attack your last known location. It wouldn’t be a nerf as some would interpret it. Just dodge as you stealth, and you are basically keeping things in place.

objective completion, rescues, ability to reach large groups of ranged elites in melee and yes damage buffs stacking.
I guess one crucial thing is that Infiltrates is for melee vet, i don’t think it will work out nearly as well for ranged.

I see it this way:
Ex stance is offensive, for ranged vet
VoC is defensive, for any vet
Infiltrate is mixed offensive/defensive, for melee vet

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True. Hacking is definitely better with stealth.

If it can fit the other roles kind of ok it has a point.

So far the only use for stealth I’ve had is for full assing a full melee build for Reginals true solo melee only challenge.

Granted stealth breaks the rule and invalidates the run, but I don’t think it’s really possible as veteran without being a complete god at the game. EDIT: Unless I get a seed with no mass ranged mobs anyways. Vet really needs a stun immunity node.

I’ll probably end up completing on my zealot soon though with no rule breaks. I’ve gotten to the last room several times now.

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Shoudfield is cute on paper but terrible in practice.

  • It encourages passive play and loner behavior.
  • It forces players to hold their ability for extended periods of time instead of actively using it like other classes, resulting in inefficiency.
  • Compared to the double automatic crit of Chastise and the shorter cooldown due to spamming crits, it’s actually much lower DPS than Chastise under all segments of testing.
  • Less active critting means much lower DPS in general, resulting in lower toughness durability from other talents.
  • Going invisible results in dropping your own aggro and giving it to teammates, which is why Veteran Active Camo was removed from the game in the first place.
  • Soloing objectives is wholly unnecessary and a bad faith argument. Nothing in the game is designed to be soled by a Zealot.

I won’t comment on comparison to Chorus as that’s a team support skill.

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how much does a hammer crit?

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Disagage and engage from better position. Most of the time I’m going to stealth to attack. Sometimes maybe reposition, catch my team mates or revive them. But never to run away, it’s pointless.

Btw I don’t think Low Profile is all that great for melee because enemies run pass you and then you need to chase them. Better options for melee imo is Hunter’s Resolve if you feel like you need some defense against ranged enemies or so.

On the other hand it works really well with ranged weapons because it allows you to focus on shooting down ranged targets or specials and not being bothered by some random trash around or by horde. It might not be big of a deal for autoguns or plasma but it makes night and day difference for precise semi-auto weapons. And just because the horde isn’t attacking you doesn’t mean you can’t wipe them out with the grenades.

I also wanted to mention that comparing Infiltrate with VoC is in a way pointless. These skills are just different and allows you to do different things. I can agree that VoC is more versatile and overall more useful skill. But that doesn’t mean that Infiltrate can’t offer its own. I’m not saying it’s perfect. In fact I’d like Infitrate to do more than just suppress enemies. But it simply provides different experience.

Anyway if you don’t like Infitrate, it’s fine. You don’t have to like everything.

I wanted to make point about that, but it doesn’t seem to work. Even regular shooters doesn’t care, at least in psykanium. It seemed like it worked in game though, maybe i am missing something and confusing myself.

I think he was talking about my proposed changes to it.

Regarding that though they’d only shoot/attack where you were for a few seconds maybe 2.5 to 3, and then do as they normally would.

It would effectively be a side buff to the skill since you’d still be invisible anyways, and locking down things with the “side” portion of side buff coming into play that you’d still have to actually dodge stuff that was incoming when you went invisible which I feel is a fair ask.

Infiltrate description says that it suppose to suppress nearby enemies.
I though about that.


Literally never seen it do that. I generally think suppression is just a mechanic to make headshots more difficult so I probably glazed over it.

I’ve definitely unstealthed in the middle of shooter packs since that’s what I primarily use it to engage with safely as melee.


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