Shrieking Staff skin

Why is the Shrieking Staff skin on Conflagration staff now instead of the beam staff?

This one:

At least yours has a skin, my hagbane is just the default weapon skin :frowning:

Is that a red? Doesn’t look much different from the better exotic skins. I know this is how reds looked for her in V1 but I’m kinda disappointed and was hoping for more.

Sienna’s rare illusions look fantastic. Much better than the reds to my eye.

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It’s the Exotic skin from V1.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red staff yet. How do they look by comparison? All of the exotics in V2 are on par with the V1 exotic/veteran skins so they’re pretty cool in their own right.

Agree that should be on beam staff (ie. the staff that actually shrieks when you use it haha)

I’ve seen someone with a red fireball staff. It’s pretty much the base staff with more fancy tracery and glowing lines and iron crosses.

I hope the ribcage staves are in still, but I haven’t seen anyone with them.

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