Just opened my fifth red duplicate Bolt Staff AMA


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I would ask for one off of you but they suck anyways, need to be buffed to play a better burst-sniper-spear role. Sucks because I really want to use bolt staff but there’s no point when beam staff can do everything more efficiently.

Yeah, they are very underwhelming at the moment. I dislike how much I’ve used the beam staff but it’s just too solid of an all rounder for legend pub’s to not use.

It’s not the end of the world.


It is. The Old World got destroyed maybe solely because of this!

You know, having 5 staffs you can at least apply different illusion to each and switch them every game. I am curious about other thing - how many red charms do you have, considering you managed to roll 5 staffs already?

its ok man I have 7 exe swords 15 trinkets, 6 charms, 6 necks, and 4 blunderbuss, oh and now 2 2h hammers.

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The mileage you are getting out of this line is truly wonderful.

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I believe I have two charms and two trinkets which is nice.

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Putting different illusions on red items will make the different illusions glow as well?

No, but staffs are pretty glowy by themselves.

I found that out the hard way too…

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