Shop stock/rewards potentially excludes certain items

Issue Description: It is suspected that the shop is incapable of stocking certain items for certain players. For example, there is an acknowledged bug where a player only gets curios in their shop. While that is extreme, I have checked the shop with my Veteran Sharpshooter more than 30 times since level 15 and it has not listed the “Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun” in any of them for me.

It is possible that given the quantity of available items and the limited quantity of stocked items has simply resulted in an enormously unlikely series of random results that has excluded one specific subtype of equipment from appearing over an increasingly larger number of random pulls, but at this point I sincerely doubt it. Given that more than one person has experienced bugs with shop stock I think this legitimately is worth reporting to put on the table even if I don’t have great documentation.

Steps to Reproduce:
To reproduce the core issue: Unknown.
To reproduce the lack of results: Check the shop with a potentially bugged character/account.

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Steam Profile URL

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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)…?

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N/A, unless you want me to document every shop result from here on out. I can do that if you really want.

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Most recent:
console-2022-12-07-21.30.03-987f3ae1-4260-44c2-9f6b-0479c5e6c2e3.log (133.2 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (967.7 KB)

That report you linked to is actually unrelated to the issue you’re describing, that person’s issue was something related to the store sometimes not showing any stock or showing only 2 items.

As far as I can tell, your issue is probably just due to bad luck, but we’ll keep an eye out in case there’s more reports of this nature.

It’s “not a bug” but it’s crap game design.

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