Shield Rats

sorry for beating a dead horse…

But, why can shield rat tank so much damage, it’s stupid, i down a potion of speed and proceed to go to town on shield rats shield with bounty hunter two handed sword on legend.

he just ignores my charged hits COMPLETELY for the entire duration of the potion and that’s with the trait that makes potions last 50% longer.

pissed off i fire my double barrel f directly at his face

guess what… he doesn’t care, just tanks it with a smirky face. what the actual frack!? how is this still a thing, they’re more durable then CW? Really?

Each weapon has a combination of strikes and pushes that will guarantee you open a Shield SV every time, sometimes it’s a little goofy but they’re much more manageable since the last update.

elaborate plox!? what do i do with two handed sword as bounty hunter in a 1v1.

The pattern with Saltys 2H Sword is push + stab, push + stab, heavy.

Hopefully the video helps to explain it.

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In a tooltip in one of the loading screens, it says you need to push SV with shield to open them up for attacks. Be warned, it only lasts a short amount of time.


Strength pots + decanter

i like how every one have a combo to deal with it. but lets be honest if u have 2+ mix up in horde-ambush. well u know what is the end…
tbh i rather fight 5 CW in horde than 3 sv shield in horde @ (an(er enemy @

Fatshark knows that a lot of people don’t like how Shieldvermin are implemented right now.
So they made this change in the balancing beta.

This is not how i was hoping they will be changed. But when i was asking in the balancing beta thread why ssv where changed the way they are, Hedge replied this.

I can understand that. Still hoping for other changes of course. My opinion about ssv is in this thread

I guess it is not to late to make suggestions on how to change ssv. But the suggestion should stay simple.

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