Shade Dash

I don’t understand what the usefulness of this talent is but compared to her other level 30 talents, it’s a horrible choice.

Before the talent rework, I really liked the idea of 1 dash career per hero. Now, the elf has 2 dash careers with the Shade talent dash being useless.

I really hope that the devs can take a look at this talent and hopefully remove the dash and give her something else that is unique and could compete with her other level 30 talents.

Of all the people I spoke with regarding this talent (including some streamers), the consensus of this talent is that it’s garbage and serves no purpose for Shade.

I don’t normally play Shade but trying this dash talent out, I absolutely hated it. I felt like I couldn’t kill anything and Shade is supposed to be an elite/boss killer. I understand she used to be too powerful but with this one particular talent, she feels like a weaker handmaiden.

It’s there instead of 30% CD reduction. Shade’s career skill (F) has been nerfed mainly because of WoM (Weaves, to be more specific) , and because it was VERY good for clutching too (with the 30% CD reduction and 10 sec base duration).


I’ve seen it used recently. I can see it’s use from early days of playing the game. Ult with shade and boss runs away chasing a teammate. I would assume it is to counter that scenario. If you’re not in that situation the talent will mess with you though, so you have to consistently be a few steps behind a boss, chasing it around.
Alternatively save a mate from a hook rat or similar I suppose. Still very situational.

Dash is just a normal shade invis ult, you can block cancel it if you want and only use the dash when you need it. The one thats useless is her 40% decreased cd on ult with no power bonusses