Shade crit when ulting broken and cor staff broken for BW. Its been 1 month now and still no fix

Maybe they’re having trouble fixing it properly ? Think and the retention of pilgrims coins

Coins do not feel like a really major thing tho, but the present shade thing does mess with the usual performance of the mist build pretty badly. If that wasnt intended i´d wana fix that asap.

Plus the coins thing…if they really cant make the whole “you get an X amount based on Y amount you had” work then i cant help but wonder why they dont just let you start with a flat amount every time after the first.

Cheap but functional and should be a quick fix.

Starting from the fact it doesn’t get any increase in damage based on your current power and finishing it with minor stuff like it doesn’t proc talents properly and just have fixed damage numbers for specific armor types.
Almost everything is broken about this staff.

WHC not sharing crits to his team with guranteed crits talent. It’s not mentioned.

Fair catch, the wording for that one seems to imply that animosity “would also give him 100% crit chance” ontop the normal effect while it in fact overrides the normal effect and does what it does instead.

It´s almost the opposite of shade´s shadowstep come to think of it.

@Saryk @Rapax @Mainman

I summon thee, unbelievers! .<

I told ya it was suspiciously on the letters for a couple of bugs.

I still do not believe. :stuck_out_tongue:
And my point about the extra damage on Infiltrate is the one I percieve as the nail in your coffin xD

…I could have sworn infiltrate used to have a description that included his whole “it does extra damage for your next hit” thing. And it not being there, having not existed or been removed does make my point seem silly-

But, ol hedge has gone out and made that statement about it being intentional so cease being a heretic this instant and accept the gospel .c

Of course you are however free to state that the gospel is awful and needs to be changed, that is allowed.

Now pardon me, i am too busy being mindblown by a certain new career…

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Same here ; in a good way I hope ?

Kind of think that teamwide healboost is going to be overpowered.

But other than that? Holy sh*t javelins are sexy. Still trying to figure exactly what the staff does.

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It turns you into a single-target blightstormer.

Aight i have done a short test.

Career is silly overpowered and the staff is the single most troll weapon i have ever seen in the u5 arsenal and those projectiles actually do a lot of damage. I love it : D

And the javelin feels like its actually a contender for the bow slot across all elf careers with a bit of creative use.

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And it looks friggin’ amazing.
The staff is monstrously OP though. Basically free, guaranteed, quite long-lasting CC. I think the duration should scale inversely with enemy HP because having a CW float in the air for ~10 seconds is really, really strong.

Why would a range billhook that can remove multiple specials and elites from the game for half a decade be op?
I don’t see an issue. Bosses should absolutely also be liftable. It ruins my immersion that it cant.

The best part about it is that you cant stagger the lifted targets out of their animation. Not like you can if a filthy FK knocks them to the ground.

To be fair, FK can knock an entire army over on their asses and bosses included. Our elf and her newfound wizardry can only handle a select few at a time.

…That said, Chaos warriors ought to be more resistant.

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Lol so unmentioned and undocumented changes done secretly are meant to be considered legit these days and people get to be smug about it? Man, devs are literally apologising for this here.

Anyways I am happy that they have officially announced it. It was all I’ve wanted.

I am smug that i spot on guessed exactly what had happened (comms mistake) and was just poking fun at you lot for not even entertaining the idea that it was possible despite prior cases x)

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Fair enough. That was a good guess.

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Aye, turns out these changes are intended.
Although I must say that this does not make them any less bad imo.


Just FYI, it floats CW’s for 4 seconds, everything else for 8. It’s in a pretty good spot.

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