Settings are not enough

i am massively disappointed with the settings for Darktide.
there are so many things I wish I could turn off or at least lower. eg if I were able to turn blood off that would make fighting in hordes not drop my fps to 20 (if I’m lucky), or disable or lower the screen shake so its not like I’m in a rock tumbler all the time

  1. give an option to turn off blood
  2. be able to turn off screen shake
  3. override vertical fov so ogryn doesn’t clip the roof
  4. advanced hud like in vermintide, even if I can’t see other’s stats I want to see my own cooldown
  5. customize subtitles, or just have subtitles not glitch out and freeze every other game
  6. character/class-specific keybinds
  7. ability to open all shops and the map with keybinds, you know, like the system you already had in vermintide
  8. give a ‘low performance’ mode where all the ‘flavor’ on the map, piles of junk and whatnot, don’t render or render as low poly nothing. or just make it so we can run the game while in a horde without a 500$ cpu/gpu

overall I am still very happy with this game(despite how this post sounds), it’s just coming from vermintide and having one of the most robust settings tabs I have ever had the joy of using, to this is sad. especially considering they already had the tech to do it


Not bad ideas overall, I am always for more options.
Especially 4, 5 and 6 would be great!
Number 6 could also be done in a way to allow at least multiple keybinds for the same action (like in VT2).

Regarding 8, I have a great time turning the resolution down and using the AMD FSR 2 option to scale it back up while turning everything else to low.

You…can already? The career skill icon in the middle bottom right of the screen has an indicator of how close to charged it is.

You can already customize the size of the text, the opacity of it and the background. What else were you looking for here?

This I agree with and is a no-brainer, and a headscratcher why we don’t already have it.

If turning every down to low and toggling everything off, and all their optimization doesn’t give you the performance that you want, then maybe you actually need to spend some money.

shaming people for not having high end hardware makes no sense when the optimization is clearly terrible

Dude I’m on a 1070. I bought it like before CP2077 even came out. My CPU is like 6 years old. Even with the obvious optimization they need to do, I get good frames on high settings. Just none of the extra bells and whistles that the 2, 3 and now 4 series can do.

You know who can’t run it? My brother on a GTX 660. I’m sad for him…but also that card is literally a decade old.

At some point every game has to say “sorry, this is the basement.” Which makes requests like “Make a mode where you strip half the models and textures out of a level so I can play the game at sustainable frame rates” border on comical.

I honestly was prepared for DT to run like absolute dog**** on my rig, and it’s surprised me for how good it looks and runs (horde FPS drops withstanding.) I barely meet the stated minimum spec. If you’re getting the game to run on a toaster and barely getting by, then asking the devs to essentially make a second, inferior copy of the level for people at min spec or lower IS absurd, and the answer at that point is “spend more money to play the newest thing coming out this year.”

I’ve been a min spec gamer for much of my life. I can sympathize. But I also work in software with developers. And they have more of my sympathies by leaps and bounds.

You…can already? The career skill icon in the middle bottom right of the screen has an indicator of how close to charged it is.

no, I’m talking about a numerical countdown, not a gauge, just like it is in vermintide

then maybe you actually need to spend some money

so me saving for 2 years to build my own PC with a 1650ti, Intell i59500, 16gig 3200 ddr4, 2TB SSD, isn’t enough. when I can run vermintide 2 which looks just as good at 120fps on max settings, when I can run new world on max with a stable 60fps, when I can run battlefield 1 and 2042 on max with 120 fps stable. but yeah, it’s my fault for being poor, its my fault that the game is optimized about as well as a brick wall that on min settings with lowered res and fsr2 on max performance and I’m still getting 15fps in a horde

Well, you’ve got a better video card than me, but an inferior processor. (Which my processor, while being pretty damn old, is still an i7.)

And the devs have always said that the processor gets hit hard in their games. So yeah, your processor might be a bottleneck while the rest of your system isn’t.

But asking them to make a “mode” where everything “just doesn’t show” isn’t reasonable. Most games today aim to maintain a certain visual fidelity across the board, regardless of what kind of machine it’s being played. Then upscale from there, with post-processing effects and all that weird arcane stuff Nvidia does.

My point is the if the baseline is bad for you, then asking them to drop the baseline even further is a lot of work for a smaller group of customers on a specific problem that is solveable by other means.

Correct me if I’m wrong…but VT2 was just a purple bar until like, this year. The vast majority of the game’s life, it was just a purple bar.

Yell at Fastshark for bizarrely not just doing the sane thing the first time, I’ll join you. It doesn’t make sense to me either other than that someone at Fatshark believes themselves to be “very mysterious” with their gameplay mechanics.

But the way it is now is the way it was for pretty much all of VT2’s life (without mods.)

“I get good frames on high settings.”

No, you don’t.

I wasn’t aware you were sitting behind me while I was playing.

Frames tank hard on Heresy face to face with the horde. Other times it runs butter smooth for me.

i understand that they aren’t going to remodel every map and texture just to make it so people on older pcs can run it, I’m just saying that I would like a mode where you are more or less saying I don’t care how it looks, I want performance. i was just giving an example of what could be in said mode, I’m not a software dev, nor do i claim to know what wizard stuff they do to make games, but i know that disabling blood splatters when you hit an enemy or removing some partial effects shouldn’t be that big a task.
and while my CPU is quite old, its still able to run the aforementioned games without issues, darktide should be no different. i get I’m not going to be running max settings 120fps stable, i just want to have 60fps stable on min settings, and i don’t think that’s too much an ask on a PC such as mine

yes i need screen shake to be off on some weapons i cant use them it makes me mad that i cant not use some thing because there is too much shaking and i have to stop playing