Set items

Thought like in other games maybe there could not only be red Items, but also red sets that match the classes system. if you hold all 5 items in the set you get another lore friendly passive.

A example of this could be for Bardin, Ranger Miner Blast Charges, he gets a additional bomb , Ironbreaker firedrake massively improved fire resistance. And Slayer Trollslayer DPS boost when fighting trolls etc.

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Has been suggested before but honestly I think it’d overcomplicate a system where talents were meant to fill this purpose, I’d rather see them remove, and replace all the blanket talents with more meaningful options. Only a few classes currently feel satisfying to me in terms of talents and how much actual choice you have when it comes to comfortable gameplay.

Things like bonus health, dodge distance, increased stamina regeneration on certain attacks etc feel nicer to me than ‘‘5% attackspeed’’ ‘‘passive 30% stamina regen’’ 3 different grey health talents that all functionally boil down to the same thing, and 3 end-game talents that all seem to have a -cooldown reduction talent that for many feels mandatory. The first few mostly feel nicer because they actually revolve around you getting involved with certain game-play styles to keep them functioning or they compliment your playstyle or make a noticeable difference during your games.

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