Server List Completely Empty

Either this game has completely depopulated overnight, or something’s going wonky on my end, cause I can’t find a single game anywhere. The server list is completely abandoned, and resetting / restarting both Steam and my PC isn’t doing anything. If I try to join any sort of quickplay, it instantly tells me that it can’t find any matched games.

Is there anything I can do to rectify the situation?

If you select the “join lobbies” button and set it to “all”. Do games show up then? Normally you can fix it by simply exiting out of steam, closing it completely and then reopening it. But you said you did that. Try deleting steams cache,

To clear the Steam download cache goto: Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> clear download cache.

No, nothing showed up. Clearing the cache didn’t fix it, but a reinstall did. Unfortunate, but it looks like it fixed the problem and didn’t change anything else around. Thanks bunches though!

Empty the steam download cache found under the steam settings / download.

This doesn’t work. I have tried it. I think I need to reinstall the game. This is ridiculous.

I totally understand your frustration. I am going through the same issue myself. I tried the same things you have done including clearing the steam downloads and verifying game cache and nothing is rectifying the situation.

nothing is working for me either

Please see my response here:

Aaand now it’s doing it again

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We’re patching for this soon, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Cant be soon enough. Iam having this problem for more than a week now. Always need to wait for friends to host, since Iam tired of playing with bots all the time.

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