Server error: sign-in timeout

Just to confirm: is this error, that has been crashing my game every time I press “Quit game”, due to the Steam downtime issue in the current public announcement on top of the forum?

The claims it’s OK now, but, of course, that’s not Valve, who is as usual keeping silent.

In addition:
a) I can play at least one other Steam game.
b) On several occasion when starting VT2, I had to confirm the UAC prompt for Steam.

Steam has been notoriously unstable over the weekend, I’m quite confident this is a result of their downtime. Is this still an issue for you?

Tried right now to play it still getting Sign-in timeout error. :frowning:
Its probably not even your guys fault.

Whose fault do you think it is then!? Steam has been working without any issues entire weekend despite what they might say. Only game I have any troubles with is VT2.

This is not steam issue… this is VERMINTIDE 2 issue… cant get into game… did every single possible recommended “fix” i could find (including reintalling 50+GB game again)… still can not get into the game… 41,99€ into oblivion… good job

Which ISP are you both using? I ask as we’ve since determined that the ISP Telekom is having problems, consequently producing errors in Vermintide 2. It’s a widespread issue and is not isolated to Vermintide 2.


got the same Problem in Austria (DREI is ISP) on PC and PS4…
Is there a possible timeframe when it should be up and running again?


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Same Problem in Austria (DREI is ISP).
On PC and Ps4…

Is there a possible timeframe when it should be up again?

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I also still have the problem (Wrote in another thread)
My provider is Telekom in Germany

Telekom Germany!
@Matradox You know when services getting DDos´ed other services get affected, maybe some of the account verification servers from Fat shark who are probably rented out somewhere are affected even if it is just a routed connection from your ISP to them. That happens.

So, it’s all a bit messy.

There was a lot of Steam downtime over the weekend which I know was resulting in Sign-In Timeout errors for many across the world. This has since settled down.

However, customers of the ISP Telekom (and 1 & 1) are now experiencing the error which is unfortunate. We’ve Tweeted Telekom in hopes that they can shed some more light on what’s actually happening, as we know we’re not the only ones affected. Unfortunately, I think all we can do is wait.

If you’re still experiencing the Sign-In Timeout error and are not with the ISP Telekom or 1 & 1, please run through the solutions listed here.

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