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Hey there… I have about a 150 hours in the game and never had issues with connectivity. But since yesteday, 6.4. 2019 i can not join the menu of the game any more. At early hours that day I joined without an issue. But then I went offline for a couple of hours and eversince I can not join the game anymore. I have red there were some issues with Steam and connectivity and thought that since this message is not highlited anymore the issues is gone but nothing changed for me. I followed the Help instructions from your technical support with the DNS and Router but nothing helped. Antivirus is also set to ignore vermintide but that did also nothing. I joined today for a couple of hours in the morning and it was ok at first but after a about an hour the game kept lagging when I was entering the Menu, or the hub if you will… Missions were ok but menu was a huge issue. Afterwards I crashed right after a mission and since then I get the same response i was getting yesterday from the game when I try to log in. Sign in-timeout. Also the game boots forever. GUID bellow.

GUID: 9fbf9525-7cc5-4ad9-88f6-0a8cb8a7bd38
Log File:
Info Type:

Steam has been notoriously unstable over the weekend, consequently resulting in the Sign-In Timeout error. As it seems to have settled down now, could you let me know if this is still an issue for you please?

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