Server Error - Cannot Connect

Anyone else having server issues right now? Cannot even get to the main menu.


Still not able to play Vermintide 2 with this error popping up everytime I start the game.

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Hi @se05239,

We’re looking into this. Apologies for the inconvenience.


I hope it’s something that will be solved before everyone goes on weekend cause it’d suck if I cannot play until next week.

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I was asked to submit my latest console log as part of my thread over on the Steam discussion forum, so I’ll include a link here as well.

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Got the same error :frowning: waiting for fix.

Same issue here. Haven’t been able to start the game for the last few days.

Big update!
I can play again… if I change my location from Sweden to Germany via VPN.
The server issue must be related to the servers responsible for Scandinavia.

For me the problem is just getting worse.
not only i get kicked after every mission in the end, after getting the error i also get a backend error and kicked off the game entirely…
even though i went through the troubleshooting of those problems. maybe the errors are based on location? none of my friends are having these issues.

that might be different error, because we can’t even go in lobby after fatshark intro

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when i boot up the game after some time the first try also fails to connect for me, then when i try it a second time it loads, however next is what i described above

Try to play moded realm instead of official relam, its working fine for me right now, as temporary solution while error getting fixed :upside_down_face:

While the gameplay is good, I rather play knowing I am working towards something. I was working on beating Legend with Saltzpyre and unlocking those white skins in Chaos Wastes. Playing on the Modded Realm would mean I forfeit any and all progress towards my goals.

Hi all,

Just an update - this is still very much under investigation.

We’ve indentified an issue, but not the root cause yet.

Console logs are greatly helpful in this case, so if anyone can provide a log after experiencing the ‘Server Error’ that would be much appreciated!

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I provided a log further up but it was only to the server popping up. I cannot get further without resorting to a VPN and if I use a VPN, it’s just like it used to be without any issues.

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Here’s a console log from when I was using the VPN, just in case. I just got into the Keep, claimed my daily reward and quit the game.

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Tried it again just now and I still have the same problem. I have tried turning off antivirus/firewall, flushing my DNS, disabling all mods, restarting my computer, re-installing Vermintide 2, deleting local files in %appdata% for EAC and Vermintide 2.

I can still log in to “modded realm” but not “Official Realm”


Unfortunately nothing to update with currently :frowning:

We’re trying to determine any common factors or trends -


  • Which region are you playing from?
  • What ISP do you use?


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Playing from Gothenburg, Sweden.
ISP is Bahnhof

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Playing from Sweden
ISP is Bahnhof