Server Browser For Consoles

So the PC version of VT2 has a server browser, why don’t consoles have one?

Another great Co-op game i own on PS4 is Payday 2 and it has a server browser, so please add a server browser to VT2 console versions, there’s no reason you can’t add one, just port the PC server browser over if you want, but we definitely need one.

Quickmatch works fine, but it would still be nice to have an alternative way to search for games manually.


Absolutely second that. And for quickplay have a region lock for ps4 I’m tired of joining someone from Japan or EU and in the us with 500 ping it’s awful

Well i wouldn’t region lock it, because that’ll shrink the playerbase a considerable amount. The server browser does has a search range function though.

Other games give the option to find local region games first, and then widen the results if no compatible game is found. I understand the need to streamline matchmaking on consoles, but players should still be able to control their own gaming experience.

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