Serious problem of dual sword

I can’t use piercing shot with this weapon because it covers enemy’s head.

Block motion should be changed.

It’s a shame that even though dual sword is almost the best weapon for piercing shot, can’t use because i can’t see head.

I tried every illusion for this but always covers head.


I’m not sure if I understand your problem. You are trying to fire your bow while blocking with a dual wield weapon? An obscured view doesn’t seem like the primary issue here. I would love to see a drawing of this four-armed elf. Victor will be ecstatic!

I fire piercing shot while blocking. Not bow.

just drop your block or hold the shot for a split second so you can adjust your aim

asking for an animation change for a super niche issue that isn’t a bug or a real problem is a long shot


The only strength of piercing shot is that it can be fired in narrow window. That’s how it can kill multiple CWs in short time, kill specials while kiting. If i should prepare to fire without block, I would rather not use this weapon.

I agree that this stance could be adjusted a bit.

Minor problem but likely easily fixed. I don’t think Fatshark will fix this but there’s no harm in pointing it out.


I stand corrected and I’m happy about it.

Hey, @jiyakelma!

I realized the same thing a while ago:)
So I have already fixed this issue and It’ll go live in the next big patch.

Thanks for pointing it out tho!


Fixed before it got suggested? that’s impressive :slight_smile:


Surprised to see someone else being irked by this issue as Piercing Shot is under utilized.Good to know it’s been looked into and fixed though as the block animation makes it very annoying to aim at the head with block up,only reason why I still picked S&D over DS


Thx! I suppose elven spear will get same adjustment.

Dual sword + piercing shot will be really cool combo after patch.

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well, I’ll be damned

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