Season 3 coming on June 23

Steam also keeps a versionning in its depot.
If you want to play 1.6 with your friends. Use this small tutorial :

  1. Download the newest version of the game
  2. Locate the files and either duplicate them entirely, or skip this step if you never want to see Version 2 again.
  3. Open the Steam Console and enter the following 2 commands (and confirm them one by one!)
    download_depot 552500 552501 9106053427129982084
    download_depot 552500 552503 4137715482856027678
  4. Wait for the downloads to finish and look in the console for where it outputs the files.
  5. Copy these files over the files in your VT2 folder that you want to turn into 1.7
  6. Launch the Launcher.exe and have fun again!

For me being wary? It’s because, as mentioned in comments above, that we don’t know what ‘free content’ means. Does it mean maps? Does it mean overall improvement and reworks of already existing systems? Now that they put a career behind a paywall + add an option to buy challenges and premium cosmetics + have LE. I don’t know how they are gonna do it, as i don’t know yet, but i’m not a big fan of having a cosmetic system + sell cosmetics and challenges dlc + sell careers and weapons. It’s just the way they decide to do it. I have nothing against a cosmetic sale system, or a dlc system, i do however am a bit cautious about them adding all this. Personally i would just sell the new career cosmetics and skins on LE, and sell career as a dlc + his weapon + his challenges in the base pack, i know it’s literally the same thing, it just feels different. Or add the base career with some basic weapons and sell extra weapons as dlc. A career does take alot of work, agree, but so does a new map (as they said), so like some here said, it’s probably player splitting content that is considered ‘free content’ but we are not sure.

The other person you are argueing with mostly has an issue with them adding new dlc, while the main game still suffers, i’m mostly about the vague explanation on ‘free content’ and what it entails, i’m surely not asking for free stuff or refusing to pay for content as i have all dlc and even a couple premium cosmetics.

That exactly my question. Right now it’s weapons and careers, free content includes maps, that’s all i know. I would just want some clarity. Also a bit worried if the ‘free content’ will keep coming, what they will focus on etc. I know their income system is very clean and good (no lootboxes, no paytowin) , this doesn’t mean however that people can’t disagree with a monetization decision fs makes, just because the ‘standard’ has been set to paytowin, lootboxes, etc.

I don’t, that’s why i’m fine with them selling stuff for irl money, and that’s what they are currently and have been doing.



I know, and it’s not what i’m saying, idk where this comes from as i never said anything like this.


From @Fatshark_Hedge on reddit :

What we’re trying to avoid is shipping paid content that splits players (see WOM). Choosing to use the Grail Knight doesn’t restrict you from any lobbies or others from your lobby (unless they happen to be playing the Knight as well, as it works with Vanilla careers as well). These kinds of DLC will hopefully allow us to continue providing free content that would otherwise split the player base if paid for.


Thanks, however it is not an officially supported way of playing it as you yourself noted in the 1.7 thread. Also, does it work online?

A few months ago it was still working online. As long as the server code does not change too much it should still work. If they versionned their server code, it should also work pretty much indefinitely.
That’s the most ‘official’ way to get the older version as the depot is literally hosted by Steam. Not a third party service.
Can’t do much more for you.

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What do they think of making all the current player base splitting content free? Might be controversial, but i would be down for them to do that, if dlc owners get some kind of ingame compensation ofcourse.

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If you’re saying you just want clarification on what is paid content and what is free, then I agree. That could certainly be more clear.

I think in this case, there is no precedent for a new career. We’ve received new cosmetics, game modes, maps, etc., but we’ve never got a whole new career so I guess it is kinda new territory.

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As for the bretonnian choice, to please the players who kinda asked for this (‘Make cata free’ etc…) and to avoid a empty mode which kinda happens for qp weaves but that’s probably not the only reason.

I don’t think the point is “Players don’t want pay for others work”… it has been Fatshark’s decision to put paid cosmetics in order to give us free game contents… and now they changed their version “Only contents that split the community will be free”… but not only: should I pay the Grail Knight’s CHALLENGES too? Honestly, IN MY OPINION, it’s ridicolous. It has been called like something to help who doesn’t want spend too much… in reality challenges should be included in base version… cosmetics ok, they can be paid.

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As a dlc owner, i’d be happy if this happened. The fact that i can’t play WoM content with some of my friends who haven’t bought it has been one of my biggest criticism of that dlc. Being able to would be compensation enough. But if you prefer to look at it this way: owners get more weekly quests than non-owners

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I’m rly curious on how they will handle the shared weapons :thinking: I mean it’s an argument here to make the GK a class over an own career, but is the GK running around with a shield with the insignias “KF” and wiedling XSwords with a glowing “Sigmar” sign? I mean maybe the Lady of the Lake’s real name is Karla Francesca or so but I’m still curios about that…
On the other hand if they reskin everything this argument is “kinda” invalid.


Yes i agree that having more players in those contents is more reward enough, for me (it doesn’t guarantee more players ofcourse). I was talking in general because i know some players would not like it that something they paid for gets given away so easily. If everything ‘non playerbase splitting’ in those dlc’s, like weapons, skins, etc still be dlc only but weaves and cata are free then i think it would be a good compromise, which allows fatshark to truely remove all playerbase splitting content in the game. But it’s a big discussion, it also has been discussed in depth alot already about cata in particular to make it free, or only host needs it. Those discussions are difficult to have aswell as alot of players think we are asking for free stuff, even tho we own it all. But i agree with you.


download depot failed : manifest not available :frowning:

I would imagine they would throw some free schillings at people who paid for Cata or something like that. I think almost everyone wants players to be able to play together.

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Yes i also think that. But i think you’d be suprised how many players would be mad about it anyway as an initial reaction. Also making those things free doesn’t guarantee a more popular gamemode, we assume it will as would be the logical consequence. Also some players don’t want (for cata example) it to be free in general, they want it to stay exclusive i guess. Just alot of different opinions on the subject.

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Seems I never answered your question. I’m actually not against that at all. And of course compensation is needed. But it would probably be a good decision down the line.

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Nope, they were probably not clear enough but if you read the first explanation, they don’t say that all content will be free.

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Damn, I’ll see if there’s another way tomorrow (but I guess not :p)

There is, the ability to download depots using steam client was removed four months ago in an update, but there is a third party tool that should be relatively easy to find to use as a workaround if you are determined.

Oh well, I won’t scratch what I wrote out then.