Season 3 coming on June 23

Amazing news ! This is all exciting :smiley:
Can’t wait !


This is true… but, just to say, we know season 3 will bring other paid cosmetics… so we will have both: paid cosmetics and paid contents.

Ure money charity thing is not really fitting here. Cause ure talking about how u spend ure money and not how u generate it whatever. The first time I read the fs statement it was not clear to me that it will be only cosmetics so u have to admit that this is just a thing of interpretation. 90% of ppl here say it was not clear but when everyone says something is not clear how does so many ppl come to the conclusion that it is cosmetics only

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The purpose of an analogy is not to fit completely, but illustrate a point.
Even giving FS the benefit of the doubt (which I’m not willing to do at this point) the fact there’s so much confusion as to their intentions means their comunication is unclear at best.

I agree with @freqlectic in his last post, but if their business model didn’t bear fruits and they are changing it yet again they shoud have said so.
Drachenfel was indeed good content, but if FS is keeping this up is yet to be seen. and with at least ~25 to 50 bucks of premium careers in the horizon without any new content being announced I know I’ll wait a while before doing an other purchase, see where this is heading.

FS has made their share of uncomprehensible design and business decisions, but so far they have always been very upfront about how they intend to make money out of Vermintide, they have so far always done what they said / promised in that (money-making) regard, and their business model can’t really be called scummy at all. You have to give them that, at least.

They never promised they weren’t going to charge money for new things in the game, but they did promise they were never going to sell loot and / or boxes. They did exactly that so far.

They were also very upfront about the why of, and the rationale behind, introducing paid hats. Their old business model of selling map DLCs was apparently not giving them the revenue they needed, so they said they wanted to try to generate it another way: Sell hats and make maps for free, instead of the other way around. They also said it was an expiriment, and that things could change. And the way they introduced these microtransaction hats with regard to their in-game store has also been perfectly ethical: No real money and gameplay currency interaction, no selling in-game currency for real money, and no manipulation of in-game currency to stimulate real money transaction. They implemented their paid cosmetics in a perfectly clean and ethical way.

People who are already complaining about how Grail Knight could be pay-to-win because it could be an overpowered class to stimulte sales in a nefarious plot from FS, are basing this on nothing else than their imagination and fears. But definitely not on FS’s business practises so far.

I can somewhat sympathise with the people that are miffed because they feel the game they already paid money for has become / has always been too buggy to enjoy. I personally feel it’s not really as bad as some make it out to be, by the way, but I undertand their argument. I can also at least understand the arguments of people that don’t like the direction the gameplay has changed over time, so they feel they don’t have the game they paid for and loved anymore. I don’t really feel that way myself either, but I do understand the argument. But I really honestly think that those who complain that they “need” to pay for new content in the shape of DLC such as optional maps / classes / gamemodes / challenges are acting with too much entitlement. FS needs income one way or another, you can’t expect them to create new content for free. And those that complain about FS’s “scummy” business practises are being unfair to them based on what FS has done so far. Charging money for developing an optional new class is completely fair.

And @souI23 : Many of the challenges are already locked behind DLC. How is this new class DLC really any different from the map DLCs so far? A new class, or new maps & weapons. Both are basically expanding gameplay options, so what’s the reason you are annoyed you need to pay for unlocking Grail Knight challenges, as opposed to paying for map challenges? If you want 100% completion you already had to pay anyways.


Hii, I’ve been wondering if you guys are still working on the Versus mode ? Because lots of players would love to see it ! Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

While I partially agree with what you are saying I still have a different opinion on some of those issues. Let’s agree to disagree.

If I can guess an answer for @soul23, because I have the same feelings, I’d guess he’s always wanted to buy DLCs for their content, like I have been, and he’s either uninterested in the new class, or more likely, doesn’t want to buy the premium version. The discussion has been about the non-premium version not having the challenges, not about the challenges being available to everyone (which, considering you’d still have to own the career to do them, wouldn’t make much sense anyway)

I think that the reason they are not so clear about their monetization plans is that they don’t have a perception about the future of it at the moment (you might heard the phrase ‘content of smth. smth. is subject to change’) - it better to be vague about it so they won’t get caught on breaking promises on that regard bc breaking promises of this kind might be a consumer rights violation - nobody wants that.

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Even if that is true, this is a Coop PvE game, and if we are going to get an OP career, what does it matter? We already have some pretty OP career builds lol. The only difference would be that we need to pay for this one. So, if you are against it, either because of the lore, or because you have to pay for it, or any other reason, just don’t buy it, as simple as that. I know that I won’t. I’m happy to give my money to FS for cosmetics and DLCs (as I have already), but I’m not buying this quasi-Grail Knight.


Which doesn’t say anything bout future unpaid content.

The amount of discussion about revenue models, P2W, GK playstyle, lore etc. is astonishing seeing how we haven’t seen anything but two screenshots from Season 3 yet.

Maybe you’re all right. Some most definitely are. But I personally don’t want to engage too much in the discussions since there is no foundation for most of them. It’s just opinions based on hypothetical scenarios.

They probably will if they make that decision. So far I see at it as expanding on the same model. Time will tell though and the feedback is important none the less.

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people getting in a tangle about Kruber being a Grail Knight. It’s simple.

2 bottles Rum, a walk in the evening, tumble into a pond pissed up, find a glowy sword in the bottom. BOOM. Signeur Croubert. Hon hon Holy Croissant, accidental knight after he found something meant for someone else.

I hope he’s fundamentally different to FK. A cleric class would be great I think.


He will have a big lance with a shield, secondary will be a banner with aoe healing cuz why not, ult is gonna be a beam of light with unlimited range and cleave, or some kind of aoe circle where lightning will strike down, cuz why not. Lore friendly? Nope. I better get a big laser beam if i have to replace my coffee for a career

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And a Pony Stick


I actually expect American McGee’s Alice crossover. Hobby Horse or riot.

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I want a ‘Lancez la vache’ to appear somewhere in the voicelines.

Any info on Season 2 on PS4?

Soon, very soon.

From Fatshark_Hedge on the developer update on May 29th

“Versus is still very much in development. Testing, itterating, repeat. Hopefully we can open up to beta sign ups in the near future. We just have to move from an alpha state to a beta one.”

Literally anything can be lore-friendly if you’re creative writing skills are good enough.

I mean that the challenges should be included in the base version… then I’m totally ok with a premium, more expensive, version having a lot of cosmetics. Pay “two times” for cosmetics is ok, they are totally optional, like a shiny bonus, while challenges should be part of the base gameplay (like the career itself and its weapons). But I understand that’s pretty subjective.

Sure, everything can change, I siply meant that they, for season 3, have taken their decision: paid dlc + paid cosmetics.