Season 1 weave challenges

With the stuff in LE right now, this wouldn’t be worth it at all, you can buy everything you want almost by just having all dlc’s and having played the beta. but if they add more, probably yea, still wouldnt like it, i like their to be frames that can be obtained by time and grind, i like their to be frames available by doing hard things aswell, weaves could work and are very nice, but there alot of problems on how they are implemented and how many there are (lots of players dont wanna spend 120 weaves) adding for example a frame for doing weave 80-120 would be ok in terms of amount.

or just add a frame for doing 10 weaves per difficulty, for example 10 in cata difficulty, 10 cata 2, 10 cata 3 or something, just thinking out loud

That’s not true, when POE first started there was no season/league. And I’m not even sure if there were rewards for first league the Onslaught. But there were also races that rewarded unique items and those are also not available now. Same with like items crafted via some obscure way that got nerfed or “normal” unique items that went legacy and got nerfed because those were too strong, those are also still in the game but you can’t get them, only via trade for insane prices.

Things won’t have the value if u can get them easily or if they are available all the time.

Where is the “push” the motivation for Season X, if you can get it next league anyway and even easier way ? That defeats the whole purpose of that.

The main purpose of the Seasons or Leagues or Daily quests or Weeklies or whatever similar mechanic, is to motivate player to play now, to play today, to play this week a bit at least, to play this 3 month Season cycle to get the stuff that will be unavailable tomorrow, next week, next quarter of the year.

And players who wish to play weaves now, can do so and they will be rewarded by new frames, no problem here.

120 frame should be super hard to get, it’s not for everyone. I don’t see issue here.

Again it’s like in POE, how many people did Uber Elder ? Prolly like 0.01% or something comical. Nothing wrong with end-game challenge being super hard and unavailable to casual players.

Chris (the CEO) even talked about this topic multiple times, it’s not like this by mistake.

Great sum of nothing = nothing, shillings can be earned just by time, that has nothing to do with end-game challenge and skill.

There is no price you can put on it, like… you can’t buy Stanley Cup or whatever just by playing hockey a long time, lol.

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The funny part is that the existence of this kind of stuff is a major motivator for me to avoid a game like the plague, not to play every day. I don’t want a game to tell me when I have to play it. (Edit: but I acknowledge not everyone is like me.) Like I said earlier, I hate time-gated content. I agree with the logic mentioned earlier that “Season 1 means Season 1” – I just hate that whole concept and have no desire to participate in it at all.

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This is not a championship or even an e-sport game, this is a co-op pve game.

PoE is a f2p game, they literraly earn ALL their money on selling cosmetics at a huge price. From the first crowdfunding campain, cosmetics were sold for thousands.

From the devs :

Big spenders are key
Like many social games, Path of Exile has its “whales” — in this case, players who have spent $5,000. “They call themselves the same thing,” Wilson said. How did they learn about this? “A university did a study on our whales. What we got was an interesting report.”

So, yeah, the cosmetics HAVE value.

Now, Vermintide 2 is NOT a free to play game, and does not need thoses sort of marketing incentive.
They need players that do play the game regularly.

You see, if you tell us that your main purpose for doing season is frames, and that there’s no issue for new players if they missed stuff, is something that do not work together.

Which is why I try to find options that do not ask “exclusivity” as the main point.

I also don’t see the issue. I do agree with it staying within the realm of a challenge.

Then there are other options, as discussed there.

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Yea, I’m not pushing that dailies or weeklies are the best thing, just saying that that’s how it works and kinda everyone (dev) does it now, to motivate players.

I would guess it works really well in general.

And when we talking about seasons, it’s a lot of time therefore I don’t see issue there.

But you have only PoE in mind. And this is an issue. This is not how it work with “kinda everyone”.
Minion masters have seasons that gives you stuff for free, then you have to buy it in the shop.
Dota 2 have the same thing.
GWENT does the same thing.
Diablo 3 do cycle back their rewards from previous seasons.
I mean, it’s not because PoE does it, that this game should do the exact same.

Just add career charms or pins, a weapon skin, so many ideas for rewards other then frames. to cater to us elitist you know, so i can flex, because thats the reason any of us play 120 weaves

Where’s the line between “motivate” and “psychologically manipulate”? I wonder that about advertising sometimes too, not just a game thing. Feels like a big ethical gray area, and one that I fear is tipping too far in the addiction side and away from the engaging/meaningful experience side.

Hmm another thing that can be good idea would be a kind of “ranked shop”. You get a “ranked” money (let’s call that weaveshilltanor for example) every season for challenges completed, and you spend it on stuff that is only buyable in weaveshilltanor.
It exists in Brawlhalla for colors.
And works rather well. As you can miss a season but you have to come back if you wanna pay stuff.

Seasons should be just that: Seasons.

You didnt get 1-120 in 3 months at the time? Too bad.


This is the kind of toxic mentality that have no place in a PvE game if you wanna attract and keep new players.

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Toxic mentality because i want to keep special time locked rewards special to those to earned them at the time? My sides.


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Snowflake. If you’re not willing to commit to playing weaves at the time of the season you dont deserve to go back and claim them. Deal with it.

nononono, the core VT2 was more of a co-op focused, the Weaves with Leaderboards and progressively harder levels, that is absolutely competition. They even said it, that they kinda want it to be like Diablo Rifts, which was also competition.

Even POE is competition, I love how Chris put it in the GDC talk, he said something like “well players are not really directly competing in PVP, but they are competing in who got more Exalts” So it’s just different type of competition it’s look at my fu*king double influence headhunter that I made for like 500ex for no reason just to show off what a big di_k I’m :rofl:

That’s true, if you’re reacting to me saying that I don’t see issue with MTX, then I mean that I just don’t care if it helps them, BUT, THEY NEED TO ACTUALLY FIX THE GAME FINALLY. Otherwise if I pay for mtx and they are not fixing it then it’s kinda wasted money and it leads to nowhere.

How does it not work together ? I’m not bitching that I didn’t get the Synsthesis hat in POE during Synthesis league, because I didn’t have time to farm the 36 challenges. And it’s gone, I’m never getting it. That’s normal.

Either you are playing during the season or event or whatever and you can get the reward or you are not. That’s simple.

They would have to keep it available in parallel in similar bugged stated and with same heroes and stuff, that’s just impossible and for who ? For literally few groups ? I highly doubt there is a lot of groups that want to go back and do whole 0-120 S1 weaves, no way. And if so, they probably don’t know what a nightmare it was and would drop it anyway during the process.

There are other games, I just use POE as example a lot because I play it most lately and it’s very very successful game.

Never heard about minion masters. D3 is pathethic, it’s embarrasing how Blizz handled that so I would not use that as good example. Dota 2 not sure how exactly it works in Dota 2 tbh.

But I doubt that they do like 3 month long season in Dota 2, and few groups with super high ranked rating or how it works now get frame or something and next week you can buy it in shop :smiley: There would be so much outrage if that happened.

it’s seasons, there should be rewards for a season, don’t call it a season and just call it rewards for playing weaves. It’s not like season changed alot to weaves, they fixed some cheese spots/removed alot of dmg scaling and just used the same maps, fixed spawns but shuffled the winds around.

forgot to add edit: I think you are not against ‘skilled’ achievements or frames, but you are just against timed locked content, if i’m correct.

Did they? I mean, I don’t know the people who would up getting spots, so can’t say if they got anything or not; there were some frames in modded people speculated that were rewards…

People got nothing?

Diablo Rifts don’t give you “exclusive frame”.

Yeah I get your issue. Weave 94 will be hotfixed, do not worry =p
We can at least see the huge improvement they are now.

I mean, again, that’s their whole “marketing” way to live. PoE is a good game gameplay wise, that doesn’t mean they’re a good game “marketing wise” (I mean, their marketing do work, but they use mtx is a not really customer friendly way).

If Vermintide 2 follow the PoE path, I’ll definitely stop playing =p

D3 did get a really better job with the expansion. So yeah, they are at the base of your beloved PoE, and they did seasons well.
Dota 2, Minion Master, GWENT are all example of “seasonnal frames” that becomes available after for a price (either real price or “shilling equivalent” price).

Again you can have rewards for season and not make them eternally exclusives.

Not really. I’m okay with “time locked” content, as long as they cycle back regularly. Monster Hunter World for example, use this thing a lot.
The thing that I’m against, is the impossibility for a new player (or an old player that didn’t have time during the time locked event) to give it a try later.

Yeah, there was no announcement, so we kinda ask for them not to be a thing. So game doesn’t degenerate in a “Let’s do top 1 to get the top 1 frame” mentality.

First there would be the speculated frame for certain leaderboards spots, we dont know which ones, but they decided last minute they wouldnt give any, because there were alot of problems with leaderboards, ‘boosting players, disconnecting to boost points in trio’s duo’s solo’s’. Knowing that we kinda accepted that decision, but now that season 1 frame is still available for season 2 thats really dissapointing, but also understandable, just doesnt feel good.

Thats being against time locked content rewards.