Search distance calibration

By just playing the game a bit as a client in pugs I’ve come to realize the search distance calibration is not really optimal. It does for example not take rtt (round-trip time, i.e. ping or latency) into account, and rather seems to base distance on geographical distance (i.e. something completely different than Internet distance).

Recalibrating to use rtt between your client and servers instead would make a lot of sense. As it is today bad peering and similar is ignored, and some ISPs have really really bad peering.

TLDR, use rtt (i.e. ping) to measure server distance, not some other weird smuck.


I’ve noticed this playing slayer when chip hits really screw you.

Agreed 100%. Also would like a way to put a cap on what latency level is acceptable… Currently it seems to just keep expanding search range until it finds any match, who cares if it’s halfway across the globe? XD

Got a game with the host being on the East Coast of the USA. I’m in Northern Sweden lol…

After seeing so many “increasing search range” messages and suffering inconsistent latency between hosts for QP, I had started searching for lobbies in the “near” field. This doesn’t seem to help as I’ve had a fair few games where the host is NA East when I’m in the UK!

If you go here:
Does it give you a decent approximation of where you are? (i.e. England and not Slovenia for both IPv4 and IPv6 if available?)

It’s bang on for IPv4
IPv6 Not detected

Interesting, that means that they are prolly using something else to discern “near”.

Wonder is they are measuring hops?

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