[Script Error]: Expected value but found invalid token at character 191


I was disconnected after finishing a map, during lootbox lvl calculation at the date of the recent major shutdown (the one which resulted in emergency server maintenance). After seeing the game back online and trying to start Vermintide 2, the game crashed with the following bug report:

GUID: 85471253-0fa8-4332-b175-64052d66a413
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/backend_playfab/playfab_mirror.lua:123: Expected value but found invalid token at character 191

Please notice, that the game starts correctly and displays the Fatshark animation and so on - the crash occurs upon loading the Horn Keep.

So far i have tried verifying file integrity through steam, redownloading a and reinstalling the game and updating graphic card drivers, none of which helped.

I have not had any major problems running the game up until the date of the recent shutdown,
apart game crushes with notification, that game security has been violated, which has however led me to discover some threads relative to the problem which stated that disabling the keyboard lights might resolve the issue (which it did).

Please advice in the abovementioned matter.

Best regards



the problem persisted on another PC logged onto my steam account. I have thus deleted all steam files on my PC, except steamapps (in order not to have to redownload the game, which i already did), including steam files in Users/user/appdata folder. I have also changed the language version of the game from French to English.

Still no success. Thank you in advance for your reply.

i have the same problem please help

Could you both please PM me with the URLs to your Steam profiles? I’ll have this looked into.


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